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Bennett/Stellar University is the leader in a new hybrid of schools that maintain all the benefits and credentialing of attending traditional schools and also allow for many additional advantages such as lower tuition rates and condensed course scheduling.

Society of NLP Training credential ics Program #2101
Neuro Linguistic Life Coach Training
The Most Comprehensive Life Coach Training Available

300 Credit Hours
- Set your own pace for graduation. Complete Core Competency Courses in 8 LIVE Daylong Sessions (See Schedule and Locations) and/or 8 Extensive Online Sessions. Then Earn While You Master Your Craft. Start Your Professional Practice and continue advanced training at no additional charge via Tele-Classes, Video Conference, Internship and Online Videos. Completion of Advanced Coach Training can range from 6 months to 1 year. See Completion Requirements

Certifications Awarded: Life Coach and NLP Mastery
This Program Qualifies Nationally For Nursing and Medical Professional CEU's

The 3 Foot Giant Studying To Be A life CoachWHAT IS A SUCCESSFUL LIFE COACH
What is a Life Coach? Professional life coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Life Coaching is considered one of today's fastest growing self-employment fields. According to a recent article on, Life Coaching is "Exploding." In fact, nearly 20% of Life Coaches reported year-end six figure salaries.The difference between the life coaches that are hugely successful and the other 80% is blending the knowledge of Neuro Linguistics into their practices.

To be considered a competent life coach, most countries will require NLP training and include it as an essential part of a life coach training program. In the United States, this training affords you the opportunity to be a leader in the field of life coaching — meeting more stringent international standards, advancing your skills, increasing your confidence, and being more effective in serving your clients.

As a result of our training and their personal determination, Bennett/Stellar University graduates are now highly successful life coaches, celebrated speakers and authors. For example, one of our recent students landed a contract as a coach with the television series "Shark Tank" and another (featured in the above picture in the wheelchair) is premiering his own show on the "ion" Network.

Be trained to elicit what is truly stopping individuals and businesses from achieving the goals they set. Typically, it isn't the client's lack of knowing what to do to achieve success; it is the unconscious programming of the client that is truly holding him back. In other words, subconsciously the unsuccessful client is not programmed to succeed in that area. Remember one simple rule, when will is in conflict with imagination – imagination will always win.

The techniques in our Neuro Linguistic Life Coaching Program provide you with skills, which reveal this critical information and the ability to change your client's, and your own, programming at a subconscious level. This makes your client's achieving his or her goals and your own a natural process instead of one where we find ourselves struggling.

As A Neuro Linguistic Based Life Coach YOU Will Be A Master At ...

* Building rapport and making connections instantly
* Setting clear and achievable goals
* Speaking with clients and knowing what questions to ask
* Changing negative thinking and limiting beliefs
* Relieving pain, illness, and trauma that limits success
* Removing self-sabotage


* Shifting how people react to external situations
* Working content-free for overcoming embarrassing issues
* Eliciting talents and gifts and teaching them to others
* Healing the past to live a better NOW and even better future
* Achieving any dream or goal
* The art of reading body language


life coaching fearsMany promising life coaches either put-off receiving training or starting their practices because they feel their own life is not perfect or believe they lack in their own lives what they intend to help others achieve. We can guarantee upon graduating from our Life Coach Training you will be competent, confident and feel personally qualified to be the professional Life Coach and person you desire to be.

Our live programs are filled with practical exercises that you perform with, and receive from, your fellow students. In addition, our instructors demonstrate live in front of the class all techniques taught – healing volunteering students of real issues that had formerly limited them in life. The kind of issues you are likely to face with your clients.

NOTE: You will learn, experience and practice skills and processes that produce positive results in you and skyrocket you to success.

NOTE: You will graduate our program with a business or life plan to achieve your personal goals and the skills to help clients, yourself and your family:

Program #2101
Neuro Linguistic Life Coach
Core Program

Program #3101
Life Transformation Coach
Advanced / Master's Level Program

 To Be Fit / Weight Loss Management   Physical / Food Addictions
To Know What To Do About Jealousy   To Cure Symptoms of Anxiety
Know How To Achieve A Dream!
   Treatment of Symptoms of Depression 
 To Stop Self Sabotage     Know How To Stop (Quit) Smoking
To Cure Test Anxiety    Treatment for Insomnia Sleep Disorders
To Enhance Performance
   To Relieve Pain & Physical Limitations
To Build Confidence   To Heal A Trauma injury - Trauma Therapy 
Anger Management      To Relieve The Symptoms of Allergies Permanently


About Our Chief Instructors - Michael and Sandra

Sandra and Michael SDMichael Bennett (Pictured left with Sandra Vesterstein): Founder of Bennett/Stellar University and chief instructor. As a prominent authority, Michael has in excess of 30 years experience leading classes and seminars with large Organizations on both the National and International Stage. Having logged over 10,000 hours of professional presentations, Michael's students consider him the master of the masters, the mentors of mentors, and an engaging highly skilled instructor that makes learning both enjoyable and profound.
Sandra Vesterstein, long time life coach and founder of Pure Potential Coaching™ and creator of Women-N-Spirit™ Retreats, attended Michael's DreamSculpting® program. Her profound personal experience and her rapid business growth as a result, led her to join the team and partnered with the school as co-instructor - bringing her amazing ability to connect, her dynamic approach to business building, and her 15 years of experience as a health educator, speaker, and life coach to Bennett/Stellar University
Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Evaluation
The Accrediting Council For Continuing Education and Training, Washington D.C.
reported the following in their School Evaluation Report of Bennett/Stellar University...

"Review of student feedback critiques and interviews with students demonstrates that students are extremely satisfied with the quality of training and Mr. Bennett's methodology. Students were observed to be highly engaged in the program." [On-Site Evaluation Team School Examination Report]

Program Completion Requirements

To successfully complete this program the student must complete eight (8) courses either live or online. The schedule for live courses is flexible and available in two formats – Traditional and FastTrak.

The Traditional Format courses are primarily scheduled over weekends to accommodate many students' current work schedule.
The FastTrak Format is scheduled in a continuous set of days for those students who appreciate the value of integrated learning and can travel to resort training locations. The student may break-up the FastTrak course schedule and attend in more than one location providing he or she attends a minimum of four (4) days in each location.
Online Format is available via the Internet and/or live interactive videoconferencing.
All training formats can be mixed and matched.

Upon completion of live or online courses
, the student is awarded certifications to practice and may begin his or her professional business – Continuing his or her education via the following:

* Students attend Tele-Classes. These are held four times a month. There is no limit on how many Tele-Classes students may attend.
* Students participate in an internship with instructors and seasoned practitioners
* Students have access to over 30 instructional videos and/or free re-attendance of live programs either in person or via internet for review and increased comprehension.
* Additional class hours are credited to the student through attending offered optional Specialty Elective Courses, Micro-Courses and reported success stories with clients.

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**Side effects may include heightened self-confidence, better body image, more active life style, and an abundance of joy.

Program #2101

FastTrak / Retreat

   Winter Schedule

Sedona, AZ: Mar 01 - Mar 08, 2014

Spring Schedule

San Diego, CA: Apr 26 - May 03, 2014
Seattle, WA: Jun 14 - Jun 21, 2014

Summer Schedule

Chicago, IL: Jun 14 - Jun 21, 2014
Sedona, AZ
Aug 09 - Aug 16, 2014
Charlotte, NC: Sep 13 - Sep 20, 2014

Fall Schedule

San Diego, CA: Oct 04 - Oct 11, 2014
Ft Lauderdale, FL: Nov 01 - Nov 08, 2014

 Traditional / Residential 

  Winter Schedule

Seattle, WA: Mar 01 - Mar 16, 2014
Sedona, AZ: Mar 01 - Mar 23, 2014

Spring Schedule

Chicago, IL: Mar 01 - Mar 16, 2014
San Diego, CA: Apr 26 - May 18, 2014
Seattle, WA: Jun 14 - Jul 13, 2014

Summer Schedule

Chicago, IL: Jun 14 - Jul 13, 2014
Sedona, AZ: Aug 09 - Aug 31, 2014

Charlotte, NC: Sep 13 - Oct 05, 2014

Fall Schedule

San Diego, CA: Oct 04 - Oct 19, 2014

Seattle, WA: Oct 04 - Oct 19, 2014
Ft Lauderdale, FL: Nov 01 - Nov 16, 2014

TUITION: $4580.00

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