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Hypnotherapy Training Programs

Don’t Just Study Hypnotherapy. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN IT.

"The person who acquires the ability to take full possession of his or her own mind may take possession of anything else to which he or she is justly entitled."
- Andrew Carnegie


  • have better and advanced hypnotherapy skills
  • experience personal development to remove obstacles to your personal success
  • graduate with a business plan for your success
  • have marketing support at no additional charge
  • have substantial postgraduate Master's Level education included in your training
  • have a college diploma as your professional credentials

And Our Hypnotherapy Certification Programs Are Affordable

Bennett/Stellar University operates a US Government licensed school at a significantly lower overhead as compared to your average college. Our courses are held at resorts. We pass the savings of not having to finance and maintain a brick and mortar campus on to you – so you can better afford to enjoy your learning and receive it in a rejuvenating and highly enjoyable setting. Submerge yourself into learning in an accelerated refreshing learning environment – Learn faster better and Save.

Imagine how successful you will be. . .

When you are a professional in hypnotherapy that can tailor your communication to your client and your client's specific needs. In this way, you can hypnotize anyone, anywhere and for almost anything – Putting you in the class of the great and truly effective hypnotherapists you may have read or heard about.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our instructors have studied for over 30 years to teach you the best of the best.
This is the stuff that really works! Learn the skill-sets of the legends of hypnosis


Program #1002 Hypnosis Mastery
Master The Art of Hypnosis
Live 4 Day Event - Online Study Available

Learn The Skill-Sets of The Legends of Hypnosis
Enhanced with NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis

Most hypnosis trainings teach you how to read from scripts. Many teach you step-by-step procedures for dealing with specific issues. But there's a deeper level of skill and understanding -- Hypnosis Mastery. When you understand the core concepts of hypnosis and how to use them, when you have powerful, flexible processes you can lead people through, when you have skill and confidence with the very techniques that get to the exact place your clients need, when your direct suggestion and conversational hypnosis methods flow together -- you have Hypnosis Mastery

Professional Certifications Awarded:
Diploma of Hypnosis Mastery

Qualifies Nationally For Nursing and Medical Professional CEU's


Program #2102 Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy®
Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy Certification
The Most Comprehensive & Life Changing Hypnotherapy Program Available
8-Day Live Event - Online Study Available

Enhanced with NLP Master Practitioner Language and Behavior Skills

Our condensing of two college semesters worth of hours into a retreat allows you to accelerate your education and Receive Your Professional Certifications in 8 Days in a fun and rejuvenating setting! Submerge yourself into learning and Complete Your Training in 8 LIVE Day-Long Courses and/or 8 Extensive Online Sessions then . . .

Earn While You Master Your Craft - Complete an additional 200 hours of postgraduate study at your own pace  A Total of 200 Hours of Study to receive master's level hypnotherapy training and certification. Start Your Multi-Faceted Professional Practice, and continue your education with our advanced training at no additional charge via Tele-Classes, Video Conferences, Internships, and/or Online Videos. Truly the most complete, comprehensive and affordable hypnotherapy and professional development training available.

Professional Certifications Awarded:
Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP
Master Practitioner/Coach
Qualifies Nationally For Nursing and Medical Professional CEU's