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Life Coach Training Program

There are many choices when it comes to life coach education
and there is only one like this one

Imagine if you were to embody the skill-sets of the most prominent and successful coaches. Imagine if you were to live the same mind-set as the celebrated authors and speakers in personal and business development which you have undoubtedly heard of or studied. And yes, just Imagine if you were to have the pride of receiving your education and professional credentials from a government regulated and internationally recognized school.

In this life coach training program, you will. . .

  • Learn the skill sets of the most prominent and successful coaches the ones that made life coaching the lucrative field it is today.
  • Learn, and be professionally certified as a Life Coach and a NLP Coach expanding your marketability, scope of practice and client base.
  • Graduate with a step by step plan to ensure your success through our proprietary process DreamSculpting®.
  • Experience practical exercises and demonstrations that will build your confidence and remove any personal fears and limitations to your success.
  • Have access to postgraduate master's level education to master your skills no additional cost.

Our condensing of two college semesters' worth of class hours into an immersion/retreat allows you to accelerate your education and. . .

Receive Your Professional Certifications in 8 Days in a highly enjoyable and rejuvenating setting! Submerge yourself into learning and Complete Training in 8 LIVE Full-Day Courses and/or 8 Extensive Online Sessions then. . .

Profit While You Master Your Craft - After completing your training, complete an additional 200 hours of postgraduate study at your own place and pace at no additional charge A Grand Total of 300 Hours of Study to receive Master's Level Life Coach Training and Certification.

You Will Graduate With. . .

Better Communication & Understanding - Learn how to establish deep trust and rapport with anyone - enrich every significant relationship. The magical communication tools of NLP will bring to your conscious awareness what is currently unconscious, giving you the resource of choice when entering any interaction. Discover how to interpret another person's thought processes, and learn how to use them to substantially enhance your ability to communicate more effectively.

Success Assurance Strategies - Discover how you do what you do. Gather the information of the unconscious neurological structure that sets your limits, and the structure that will allow you to accomplish your goals or desired states. Learn mental strategies of excellence and how you can install them in yourself and others.

Neuro-Natural™ Remedies for Health - Learn simple mental techniques that can relieve allergies, remove phobias, release the pain and suffering from accidental injuries, and uncover neuro-natural innovations for use with catastrophic illnesses (such as cancer and AIDS). Learn to communicate with your body to remove self-imposed barriers and experience a personal transformation to more desirable states of being.

Personal Achievement Skills - Reconcile the past and create your future. Conscious and unconscious beliefs and limiting decisions formed earlier in life can hold you back from your present desires. Discover how the mind maintains the concept of time and how, by using your personal time line, you can comfortably return to your past and clear up undesired present circumstances and design your future.

As A Neuro Linguistic Based Life Coach YOU Will Be A Master At. . .

* Building rapport and making connections instantly
* Setting clear and achievable goals
* Knowing what questions to ask
* Changing negative thinking and limiting beliefs
* Relieving pain, illness, and trauma that limits success
* Removing self-sabotage

* Shifting how people react to external situations
* Working content-free for overcoming embarrassing issues
* Eliciting talents and gifts and teaching them to others
* Healing the past to live a better NOW and even better future
* Achieving any dream or goal
* The art of reading body language

life coach training fearsAVOID THE LIFE COACH'S KRYPTONITE!!

Many promising life coaches either put-off receiving training or starting their practices because they feel their own life is not perfect. These life coaches may also believe they lack significant achievement in the areas where they intend to help others. We can guarantee, upon graduating from our Life Coach Training, that you will be competent, confident, and feel personally qualified to be the professional Life Coach and person you desire to be.

Our live programs are filled with practical exercises that you perform with, and receive from, your fellow students. In addition, our instructors provide live demonstrations of all the techniques being taught – healing student volunteers of real issues that had formerly limited them - the same kind of issues you are likely to face with your clients.

In this Life Coach training, You will experience for yourself
and will be taught how to help others with:

  • Conquering Addictions
  • Insomnia / Sleep Disorders
  • Weight Loss
  • Relieving Fears and Past Trauma
  • Overcoming Jealousy
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Overcoming Divorce Issues
  • Relieving Allergy Symptoms
  • Stopping Self Sabotage
  • Fear of Insects and Animals
  • Building Confidence
  • Eliminating Relationship Troubles
  • Eliminating Fear of Flying / Driving
  • Eliminating Fear of Public Speaking
  • Eliminating Fear of Heights
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Anger Management
  • Removing Test Anxiety
  • Relieving Pain & Physical Limitations
  • Achieving Any Dream

interwoven within this program is our proprietary step-by-step coaching procedure entitled DreamSculpting®. This state-of-the-art life coaching process utilizes the coaching skills taught in this program to guide a person to the achievement of any goal. You will experience this process for yourself, and upon graduating this program you will have a step-by-step business or life plan to achieve your personal dreams and goals. Following your graduation of this training, you can continue your learning (200 hours of optional advanced study at no additional charge) to master your craft and receive business building support via:

  • Weekly Tele-Classes For Additional Skill And Business Development
  • Online Videos Of Entire Program With Demonstrations
  • Video Conference Access To Future Live Programs
  • Re-attendance Of Core Courses – At No Charge
  • Access To Micro-Courses on Skill and Business Development
  • Three Web-pages To Market Your Multiple Professional Practices


Life coach training students

What do you think is the secret behind super coaches like Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and others? - The answer is NLP. This program offers comprehensive instruction and practical experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the leading art and science of human development and communication. Unlike general management and human development coaches, a professional coach trained in Neuro-Linguistics has a greater understanding of the use of language and human processes that are critical in achieving greater success with their clients – empowerment skills that non-Neuro-Linguistic Coaches can only dream about.

A truly successful life coach will assess and align their client’s goals, beliefs, personal and spiritual values, and support systems. The exceptional life coach will instill mental strategies of action while guiding and motivating the client to reach set goals. To accomplish this the coach must be aware of the power of the client’s subconscious mind and its effect on their behavior and thus their success. A Neuro-Linguistic Coach® sets themselves apart by being highly trained in neuro-linguistics and persuasive language.

Tired of Working Full-Time For A Part-Time Wage?

If you have received prior training through an organization affiliated with a federation or an association we accredit and desire to upgrade your training to a higher skill level, we will credit a portion of your training hours and tuition. Bennett/Stellar University currently provides accreditation for the following Life Coaching Associations:

  • U.S. Life Coach Association (USLCA)
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • The International Coaching Society 
  • The Society of NLP
  • International Association of Professional Life Coaches
  • Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® Federation

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