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Bennett|Stellar University

Welcome to a place where you can attend regardless of your previous education or background. The school of seriously enriching education disguised as fun!

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Welcome To Bennett | Stellar University

“Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart Is No Education At All” – Aristotle

If you’re researching options to become a life coach, a hypnotherapist, better yourself or earn professional CEUs, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been in an US government approved and licensed institute since 1996 and offer the credentials, experience and quality you should expect when seeking this knowledge.

What sets Bennett|Stellar University apart from all other coaching and hypnotherapy schools is our core program component of NLP. Due to its simplicity and effectiveness, Fortune 100 companies, therapists, consultants, teachers, and health professionals all over the world have used NLP with amazing results.

Due to the unique structuring of our courses and learning environment, students learn professional skills and experience massive amounts of personal development in the process – Make a difference and evolve yourself in one program.

At Bennett | Stellar University, we offer four different learning tracks:

Pro Track

Enroll in our enchanting vocational courses. Achieve your dreams and enjoy a rewarding career. Attend online or on-site – a combination – or both.

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CEU Track

Transform your career and receive your CEUs. Our courses are accredited by professional licensing boards – including the Boards of Nursing and Massage.

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Self-Help Track

Experience first-hand how you can reach goals you never thought possible. Improve your health, wealth and remove fear, anxiety, trauma and other limitations.

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Competent - Life Coach Certification

Corporate Track

Improve your business’s sales, productivity, interpersonal dynamics and relationships with the proven success and achievement techniques of NLP.

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