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Welcome To Bennett | Stellar University

Founder Michael Bennett & President Chief Instructor:Sandra Vesterstein

If you’re researching options to become a life or business coach, a hypnotherapist, earn professional CEUs or simply to better yourself, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been a US government approved and licensed institute since 1996 and offer the credentials, experience and quality you should expect when seeking this knowledge.

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Bennett Stellar University offers NLP training licensed by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Our internationally renowned reputation for producing the most knowledgeable, skilled and competent coaches and hypnotherapists begins with assuring you’re ready to be successful. No previous education or experience is required. Your career readiness is based on your desire to help others, your willingness to grow personally and your motivation to succeed.

To see if you are ready, just complete our CAREER READINESS QUIZ. This quiz provides you with an instant report to measure your chance of success in the career you are considering. It only takes a few minutes!

Learn how to make a difference and evolve yourself all in one program. Due to the unique structuring of our courses and learning environment, students learn professional skills and experience massive amounts of personal development in the process. Side effects of attending Bennett | Stellar University may include heightened self-confidence, better body image, more active lifestyle, and an abundance of joy. Decide carefully which option is right for you.