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3 Feb 2017

The Benefits Of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming


The Benefits Of NLP - Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingHave you ever made New Year resolutions and failed to keep them? Join the club of normal humans capable of many things, but just can’t seem to find the motivation to exercise the brain. But we can change this attitude by using NLP.

NLP stands for the study of Neuro- how we think, Linguistic- how we communicate with and without words, Programming- the patterns of our behavior and emotions. It is a behavioral technology comprising of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real life behavior resulting from the study of the structure of subjective experience, behavior, and communication. If behavior has a structure then NLP has captured it so that it can be learned, taught, and changed. You can replace a part of your behavior that is bad or detrimental with behavior from role model behavior.

Any one who has used NLP swears by its effectiveness. Major organizations, sportsmen, educators, and individuals use NLP to greatly increase the performance of people in their respective fields. With a few changes in your behavior, you can actually change the quality of your life. All you need to do is learn few NLP skills.

So how does NLP benefit you? Well in a lot of ways without actually affecting just your career or your education; you can use it to enrich your life. NLP is about how you train your mind; it gives you guidelines to follow. It sets the foundation for persuasion and influence, quality life skills and practical business applications.

The core of NLP is to change you from within. You get what you project to the outside world. If you show lack of confidence, you will surely be overlooked for major projects and promotions. At the same time if you project passivity and confidence you will get appreciation for your work, you can easily get jobs and so on. You will be able to talk to anyone, build a rapport with anybody; the possibilities are limitless.

In NLP, you have models of behavior. These are basically the behavior structures of people who excel in their fields. The reason why these models are created is so that we all do the same things as these role models. For instance, you are a car salesman, but what makes your boss so different from you that he makes a sale every time he speaks to a customer. Imagine, replace your behaviour with that of your boss’s, or a model behavior. Won’t you be a more successful salesman?

Our sub- conscious mind does not easily accept change or be controlled by us. It will continue to do things that it does instinctively. Thus try as you might, you can hardly ever stick to diet or stop yourself from getting worked up at the slightest provocation. NLP helps you gain control of your mind. It is a kind of hypnosis some may say but NLP is not “just hypnosis”. It is more like putting your sub- conscious mind into a discipline of doing something by training it not to react in a certain way.

Remember to effect any change on the outside, you have to be in complete control on the inside. This is what NLP helps you do.

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