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“Just prior to the 2008 Olympic games, I was performing a Life Transformation Coaching session with a swimmer representing the country of Zimbabwe on her way to compete in the China games. Because of this, I had the opportunity to meet her swim coach. I had to ask him, ‘How did you become an Olympic Swim Team Coach?’ His reply was that he didn’t really know. He said it seemed like everything just fell into place for him and he stumbled into it. However, he went on to tell me that all his life it had been in the ‘back of his mind’ that he would become an Olympic Swim Team Coach.

With his words, a realization washed over me. This is true for all people who succeed in life, and it is even true for those who don’t. What we accomplish in our lives are the thoughts that are stored and believed in the back of our minds. All that was needed for everyone to succeed in achieving their desires was a process to remove the limitations stored deep in the inner mind and resourcefully replace them. At that moment, DreamSculpting® was born.”

– Michael Bennett The Developer of DreamSculpting

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Sandra - Self help - self development - Treatments to Overcome Fear, phobias, and anxiety

Sandra Vesterstein
Master Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

Invest a few minutes to chat with me. I have over 15 years of experience in this field. I can help you truly understand the field and what to expect.

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As a Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy coach trainer for Bennett|Stellar University, and the founder of Women-N-Spirit, I’ve leveraged the gifts of several effective coaching and therapeutic methods for you. In our session(s) you will overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from stepping into the best version of yourself.

I’ve always had an interest in helping women by tapping into the mind-body-spirit connection. In doing so, we can stop ourselves from being treated as “less than.” We can move away from the jealousy, abuse and victim mindset that keeps us from being our best, divine selves.

My intuition and unique suite of holistic methods accelerates personal and professional growth more rapidly than traditional coaching. Together, we can remap your mind for success so you can lead a fuller, more satisfying life!

“Sandra, I don’t know if you remember me. I brought my daughter to you a couple of years ago. She was suffering from PTSD and depression and had been for several years. She had witnessed a terrible accident if front of the house.

She saw you for 3 or 4 visits and was an entirely new person! What you did for her saved her life! She is like the young girl I remember her to be before that terrible day! I never managed to take the time to thank you for that and I should have. Thank you!” –S.C. Vermont 2011

DreamSculpting® Advanced Coaching Model

DreamSculpting_Logo_vector_LIVE - Achieve your goals and dreamsManifest Your Ultimate Desires.

Is having a loving relationship just an elusive dream? Or is it too much to ask for an occupation that satisfies your soul, or a body free of complaints? For many people, these aspirations have seemed out of reach. Why is it that so few individuals live up to their fullest potential? What is the secret of those envied few that embody their heart’s desires? Wouldn’t you like to join them? The time is now! What have you been asking for?

  • Dream: an aspiration; goal; aim; A term used about things that are the best you can imagine;
  • Sculpting: Fine Arts. to carve, model, or shape into a solid artistic structure.

Jeanie - Achieve your goals and dreamsDreamSculpting® is the ultimate process for integrating and aligning yourself with your goals and dreams. It is said that when your conscious will is in conflict with your unconscious imagination, your imagination will always win. Align your conscious will, your unconscious mind, your soul, and your environment, with your goals and dreams – a truly holistic and soulistic approach to the achievement of all your life’s goals.

Achieve the results you want with this masterful approach to coaching. With DreamSculpting® you develop a step-by-step action plans that use Disney Creativity and Bennett/Stellar University’s unique Reverse Imagineering Process™ to create a road-map for success and a business plan for life.

Consider and imagine learning and using the creative techniques used by The Disney Corporation to design and architect your desires in each important area of your life, and then install those goals deep within your subconscious mind. With your goals deep in the back of your mind where all dreams and goals are manifested, and having a written out step-by-step road-map to achieve them, you can take control and action to achieve the dreams you once thought were out of reach.

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Enhance Performance

Achieve Peak Performance - Achieve your goals and dreamsWhether you are a professional in business, sports, the arts, or anything else, you want to be at the very top of your game, the very best that you can be.

Through Bennett/Stellar University’s propriety DreamSculpting® process and Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® techniques you can be!

All too often, we slip, cursing ourselves for failing to deliver at a crucial moment, during an all important presentation, competition, exam, or show. Ultimately, and all too often when the stakes are high and the prizes big, we fail to deliver to our potential.

Individuals who excel at what they do will tell us that enhancing performance and being at the top of our game is all about a state of mind, about controlling our emotions, focusing on our desired outcome, and believing that we can do it – whatever it may be. And they wouldn’t just tell us, they’d show us very real techniques they use to help them control their mind, especially their unconscious mind, the part that’s responsible for our creativity, behaviors and habits, beliefs and emotions.

Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® and DreamSculpting® Has Been Successfully Used To Effectively Maximize Human Potential and Performance. What are you good at doing now? How would it be if you were even better? Is there anything you can’t do yet, but would like to be great at? We can help you become even more talented than you have dared to dream. Through Neuro-Linguistic Coaching®, we can access the unconscious mind and harness its extreme power to reprogram habitual patterns of behavior, ensuring that we perform to our true potential.

DreamSculpting® bypasses the conscious mind and creates an alternate state of consciousness where attention is focused away from the present reality. Rather like daydreaming, attention can then be focused toward particular images, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, motivations, and behaviors that will help change our habitual responses and learned behaviors, allowing us to consistently perform at new levels of excellence.

Whatever you do, through Neuro-Linguistic Coaching®, you’ll be able to focus like you’ve never focused before, be more creative, calmer, more positive, more confident, and altogether better prepared to compete and excel in your chosen field.

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Build Confidence And Secure Your Future

Build Confidence - Achieve your goals and dreamsAlmost everyone has had that experience of enjoying the benefits of high self-esteem and confidence.

For some people, this is the norm for their everyday lives. For others, it may be a short-term feeling created out of achieving a specific goal, like getting promoted or starting a new relationship.

For some of us, however, having high self-esteem is something that seems to be just outside of our reach, and as a result, we can feel helpless, powerless, and even depressed. Having low self-esteem invariably means a life of continually comparing ourselves unfavorably with others, and allowing life’s little knocks to have dramatic impact on how we think, feel, and behave.

Self-esteem affects the set of judgments we make about ourselves, our value, our worthiness, and our competence in various domains within our life. Having low self-esteem can have huge implications for our ability to feel confident, content, assertive, and happy.

Through DreamSculpting® and Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching®, you’ll immediately benefit from a boost to your self-esteem, allowing you to cultivate and maintain a more positive and optimistic attitude toward life, and a greater sense of confidence in your ability to start living the life you desire. Ultimately, through improving your self-esteem, you can ready yourself to take on the world!

The reason why DreamSculpting® and Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching® are such effective tools is because self-esteem is something that’s regulated by the unconscious part of our mind (i.e., that part of us that manages our memories, beliefs, and learned behaviors). And because DreamSculpting® and Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching® bypass our conscious mind and focus on retraining our unconscious, our clients experience very real, significant, and long-lasting change extremely quickly.

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