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1 May 2015

Angels Recommend NLP

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Angels Recommend NLPA Channeled Angel Message

Creating This Radiant State

Dearest One,

We awoke you this early A.M. to provoke you to take this message. The bug that dropped on your head was a “last resort” to keep you from falling back to sleep. It is important, at this time, to speak with you again about Time. Often in our recent Angel Messages we have spoken of the past, present, and future as if they are equally “changeable.” We know this confuses you. We will explain. Often, when you are “viewing” time or, as your scientist might say, “when you are perceiving the flow of events in time,” it appears as if you are traveling along a highway or “ribbon” of Time. The past is behind you, the present is where you are now, while the future lies ahead. This is where we wish to offer a connection of understanding.

To take the analogy a little bit further, suppose you were to enter into a flying vehicle, like a helicopter or space ship and rise up above the “Now” place on your time highway. The higher you arose, the more you would see simultaneously, at one time, on the highway below. What had been out of sight before, lost in the distance behind or before you becomes like unto the eagle’s eye as he flies high above the earth, easily visible, all at once, with one glance.

We will to tell you, children of truth, that time is like that highway. There is a level of consciousness high enough that one can see the entire “road” as one giant circle, as if the road went around the earth and circled back upon itself. At one glance, then, the entire circle can be seen at once.

We take the analogy further to state that time is like that, the past, the present, and the future is actually a circle of space, happening simultaneously, all at once.

When you change your mind, when you move from Beta Waves (physical perception), to a deeper state (which is actually a higher state), you see a deeper meaning to what you perceive. In fact, you see what you want to see and shape reality to fit that. The entire circle of Time, in that moment of creative decision and inward visualization, changes. Ask any Zen master, ask any Christ, ask Anyone who has decided to be a Miracle.

There is a new science in your world which is actually as old as time itself called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. (Editor’s Note: NLP is a system of Psychotherapy that involves re-programming past learning experience. There are numerous techniques and steps involved in NLP and a true description would take too much room. Suffice it to say “reprogramming” is one of its tenants and it is “reprogramming” that the Angels are alluding to in this message.) When you look into this science, you will see that it is based upon the understanding of this very knowledge. It is simple for people of your world to experience what you call virtual miracles using this knowledge in NLP, even to the extent of walking unharmed over very hot burning coals.

So we offer these words to you this morning. The topic is so pivotal, however, to your Sonship and Daughtership with the Mother-Father aspect of your being, that we will recapitulate what we have just explained. Thusly: If what “you perceive” does not feel joyful enough to your heart. Do this:

Go within to your deepest, quietest, most still place in consciousness. Locate the “feeling” of Joy that you would like to be experiencing as if you could have anything you desire. Feel the feeling, the joy, the love, the prosperity, or whatever…. While feeling this most exquisite joy and love and gratitude, locate, deep with you, an image of a “possible” reality that would be an appropriate setting for your joyful feelings. (If you have difficulty you can ask your Divine Self to provide a healing image for you.)

Then decide, and ask the All That IS, to let this feeling and this reality BE What You See on all levels, past, present and future. And here it is. As you say, you have “changed” the software! Continue to experience this feeling and image for awhile. The more passion and energy that you put into this, the quicker the new software takes effect. Ask the Omni Present Virtue to use Omnipotent Power to manifest it with infinite knowledge and love in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned.

For Example:

Desired: The feeling is Joy, Love, and Gratitude of Ecstatic Bliss. Imagine: A beautiful world of happy people, places, things, plants, animals, etc. Hold: The Desired Feelings, hold the Image. Ask the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Intelligence to BE the Reality. Allow. Let it to Be! Feel it! See it! Intend it! Receive it!

We have decided, since we do have an understanding of the physical, emotional and mental changes that are underway in your awareness, at this time to address the level of doubt that you hold. Doubt, as you know it, is a form of Fear. Fear is a form of love that has folded back upon itself. Love does this when it believes that it is separate from “others”. What we have to say is this:

Allow your fear to Unfold and turn back into love. This takes courage, concentration and patience. Allow your self time to show you that when your love shines forth unto others, that their love comes back to you multiplied and in glorious ways. Also understand that when you have imagined the world of Beauty and Perfection you enable your feelings of joy, love and gratitude to shine forth. Then you will see that it comes back to you. “Others” will receive the image and feelings of this perfect world, and this energy will come back to you multiplied and in glorious ways. However, we issue a warning and refer to the previous Angel Message on the four segments of Time, so that your images of the “perfect world” and the feelings of love and joy are held in all four segments at once to “shine forth:”

a.. Delta – stillness, pure being
b.. Theta – deep inward thought
c.. Alpha – feelings, emotions
d.. Beta – the perceptions of the body’s interactions with others.

We Love You
The Angels
We Are One

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