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Bennett | Stellar University Of Integrative Coaching & Life Transformation

Society of NLP accredited coaching institute and hypnosis schoolBennett | Stellar University
of Integrative Coaching & Life Transformation

Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart Is No Education At All” – Aristotle








Anyone can attend Bennett | Stellar University regardless of background or previous education. Our coaching institute and hypnosis school provides a heartfelt, supportive and fun learning environment. The courses are structured in a way to provide you with practical tools in an interactive, entertaining, and resort-style atmosphere that makes learning neurologically easier.

Bennett | Stellar University is the leader of the new hybrid institutes that maintain all the benefits and credentialing of attending traditional educational institutions, and yet allows for many additional advantages, such as lower tuition rates, condensed course scheduling, and exotic and refreshing learning environments. The choice now exists between attending night after night for months on end in a stark-white, dry classroom, or attending a school that creates a whirlwind of fun and learning at enchanting resorts and spas. Online study for most subjects is also available.



INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY - NLP COACHING INSTITUTE & HYPNOSIS SCHOOL Bennett | Stellar University was founded in 1996, and was granted its official school licensing early in 1997, under Chapter 28C.10 RCW of The Washington Regulations enforced by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. Bennett | Stellar University is one of the few state licensed private career institutes in the world that offers training and certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy. As such, you the student, are guaranteed the most up-to-date and quality education from Bennett | Stellar University, as we are highly regulated, and must meet or exceed stringent U.S. Department of Education standards.

While maintaining a regular schedule of courses here in the U.S., Bennett | Stellar University programs have been taught all over the world in countries such as Singapore, Turkey, Holland, England, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Belize. Our U.S. based courses have been attended by at least one student from almost every country in the world.

OUR MISSION: To Be More Than a School
Be A Community of the Free-Spirited!

Misson of our NLP coaching institute and hypnosis schoolOur Mission: To develop a community of individuals from all walks of life and diverse aspirations that have a common desire to contribute to the health, well-being and success of themselves and others. To be a coaching institute and hypnosis school that is a true source for the freedom of spirit, the freedom from illness and dis-ease, and the freedom from limitations. To foster a life of fun, wealth, health, and prosperity for all who desire it.


History of our NLP coaching institute and hypnosis schoolMichael Andrew Bennett and Ronald L. Bennett were both close and highly creative children growing up in a small Midwestern town in Illinois. As young men, they each began their own journey in life far from the home they knew. Ronald initially moved to Minnesota to attend college specializing in the removal of addictions, and then moved on to Washington, D.C., to study and receive his master’s degree in psychology. Michael traveled out west to Washington State, where he followed his passion for fun by developing board games. Both men continually found themselves transitioning from one job to the next as their spirits searched for that one thing which would finally satisfy them — the thing we all search for — their purpose.

It is not unusual to encounter differences between two siblings, which is why this little story is unique. These two brothers would each independently, and without the influence of the other, find their paths rejoining years later. These two very different brothers would both find commonality in their study of Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Ronald, through his passion to become a healer, and his dissatisfaction with what he had accomplished with his master’s degree in psychology, felt he needed more. Michael, whose love of life, his own spiritual growth, and teaching, would also be guided to become a healer and speaker, and began studying with the developers of NLP and Life Coaching, and with the masters of Hypnotherapy. University instructors Sandra & Michael Training at our NLP coaching institute and hypnosis school

With the emergence of the popularity of the Life Coach profession, and having developed their highly acclaimed NLP and hypnotherapy program, Michael and Ronn created their state-of-the-art coaching model entitled DreamSculpting®. Sandra Vesterstein, having been previously trained and certified as a life coach by the founder of the ICF and its sister school Coach U, and herself the founder of Pure Potential Coaching™ and Women-N-Spirit™ retreats, attended Bennett | Stellar University’s Life Transformation Coach program. Her profound personal experience, and her rapid business growth as a result, led her to join the team. She became a partner, bringing her 15 years of experience as a health educator and life coach to Bennett | Stellar University.

When the two minds of these enigmatic brothers merged their knowledge with colleagues, something profound was birthed into being. Their search for meaning brought them all together to share a passion, which would bring an unimagined degree of healing and success to those who took part in it. And now, here for you, is the product of the combined wisdom and heart of Michael and Ronn Bennett with the contributions of Sandra Vesterstein and David Silkwood (Ronn’s partner and co-founder of the Healing Touch Institute in Washington, D.C.), we, the staff, and the founders of this institute, would like to invite you to experience their gift to the world — Bennett | Stellar University.

nurse 2Health-Care Professionals Continuing Education Units

Our Programs Qualify Nationally for Continuing Education for Nurses Massage Therapists and Medical Professionals.


Coaching Institute - Hypnosis SchoolThe research on learning is clear: The brain learns faster than you think. Condensed, accelerated, and intensive learning models are far more effective than the antiquated teaching method of spreading information out over time. In other words, submerge yourself into your learning.

For this reason, our programs condense the equivalent of as much as four-college-semester course hours into 16 full days of life enhancing study presented in a fun and rejuvenating resort setting. The result? Your education is accelerated and you profit much sooner! Which would you prefer? A few hours a week for two years or 16 days of immersion, self-discovery, and fun? The total class hours are the same.


Like no other coaching institute or hypnosis school, We take great pride in guiding you to evolve into being the best of practicing professionals. To ensure this outcome, we offer Master’s Level Education at no additional charge. This includes weekly business and skill building tele-classes, video access to the entire program, and unlimited re-attendance of this program for increased retention and practice. When you re-attend, you participate as an assistant instructor for additional learning. There is no better offer to master your craft in this or any other professional field.


Graduate confident and competent and our universityMany promising professionals either put-off receiving training or starting their practices because he or she lack confidence or don’t feel competent. With your due diligence, we can guarantee upon graduating from our programs you will be competent, feel confident and personally qualified to be the professional coach and person you desire to be.

Our live programs are filled with practical exercises that are performed with, and received from, your fellow students. In addition, our instructors effectively demonstrate all techniques taught – healing volunteering students of real issues that had formerly limited them in life. The vary same issues you are likely to face with your clients.

IMPORTANT: You will graduate from Bennett | Stellar University with a business or life plan to achieve your professional as well as your personal goals.

Rare Benefits Found Only @ Bennett | Stellar University
  • Licensed School For Over 20 Years: We are a licensed and government regulated school. This ensures you receive honest, high-quality education, and recognized legal professional credentials.
  • Live Demonstrations Featuring Students with Real Issues: You will witness, and directly experience, the effectiveness of the skills you learn. This may be the most rare of our benefits. Other institutions tend to only lecture, and have an understandable fear of live demonstrations. Our instructors are highly skilled practitioners.
  • Internationally Recognized: Students from almost every country in the world have traveled to attend Bennett | Stellar University. We have conducted our programs in Australia, Belize, Costa Rica, England, Mexico, Panama, The Netherlands, and Turkey.
  • Flexible Training Schedule: For your convenience, our programs are available as a retreat, over a series of weekends, online via video, and online via live video-conference.
  • Safe Learning Environment: Bennett | Stellar University instructors create a comforting environment for your learning and personal development.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our instructors have over 20 years of teaching experience and are actual practitioners with active practices.
  • Reasonable Class Sizes: Class size is limited. You will participate in a class rather than be a spectator in a show.
  • Learn Nuts-and-Bolts, Not Scripts or Written Patterns: You learn the material as an art form as well as a science. Avoid cookie-cutter programs.
  • Heal the Healer: Our practical exercises and demonstrations allow for self-healing, thus enhancing your experience and learning.
  • Online Programs Video Taped from Live Programs: These are complete, rather than condensed, versions of our programs.
  • Leave Program with Business Plan for Success: Unlike anywhere else, you will graduate with the necessary skills and a plan for your success. You will feel confident and competent.
  • Postgraduate Support: You can continue your learning with up to 400 hours of additional post-class education at no additional cost through conference calls with instructors and online video review. Specialized micro classes are available and you are able to…
  • Re-Attend at No Charge: Many of our students enjoy their experience with us so much, they return for more! When you re-attend the program, you participate as an assistant instructor for additional learning.


Stellar the universeAlbert Einstein and the university“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’ – a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.” – Albert Einstein

Michael and Ronald Bennett, each in their own unique way and given their individual backgrounds, wanted their school represented in partnership with what Ronald called God, and what Michael referred to as the Universe. They agreed this partnership would have a nickname – Stellar. Individual cultures have traditionally used personal references for this universal consciousness. Stellar, a term synonymous with peak performance and success, is our representation, or the nickname, we use to refer to the universe or universal source. Stellar simply represents our creator and all of creation.

While this might lead one to believe that Bennett | Stellar University is a religious-based organization, it is not. We simply believe we are all connected to a higher power, and this source has a behind-the-scenes influence upon our delivery of material, our teaching environment, and our students’ growth and success. Ironically, even though we promote no particular faith or philosophy, the information we share does enhance individual spiritual beliefs. In our nearly 20-year existence, we have had students attend our programs from all over the world that represent literally every faith and religion – from the most orthodox to the casual believer. All of these students reported they had found their learning here to have strengthened their beliefs in each of their individual religious or spiritual philosophies.

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The following courses can be attended, and re-attended at no additional charge, entirely online or on-site, or a combination of online and on-site. On-site courses can be attended in 4-day increments in the same or various locations. All on-site courses include unlimited access to its corresponding online version. If you attend online, you can re-attend the same course live anytime at your convenience. CLICK COURSE IMAGES FOR MORE DETAILS.