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The person who acquires the ability to take full possession of his or her own mind may take possession of anything else to which he or she is justly entitled.” – Andrew Carnegie

NLP is about how to run our brain in a productive way to consistently achieve the results we want.

training in NLP be the bestNLP training benefits the person who wants to greatly improve the quality of his or her life. NLP training has helped millions of people all over the world overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich life, improve learning, overcome illness and achieve greater success.

NLP training is an essential skill set for life and business coaches, mental health professionals, therapists, hypnotherapists, consultants, teachers, nurses and other health professionals – making them the most highly effective professionals in their fields.

NLP training methods and content vary greatly and not all courses meet the standards of The Society of NLP. If you want to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of training choose one of The Society of NLP accredited course opportunities below.




The Best NLP Training Reviews?

Rare Endorsement From NLP’s Developer

I highly recommend Michael Bennett of Bennett | Stellar University. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
NLP Developer Richaed Bandler endorses the best NLP training
       — Richard Bandler, creator of NLP

A Critic’s Point of View

Top 100 Adventures reviews the best NLP training and certificationMembers of The Top 100 Adventures attended Bennett | Stellar University’s NLP training courses. The Top 100 evaluators rated their experience among the “Top 10 Adventures” and published the following article:
Learn Where the Masters Learn. . . Bennett | Stellar University!

We at Top 100 Adventures have invested years participating in personal development seminars with the ‘masters of human experience’ like Peter Lowe, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Jimmy “Z”, and Tony Robbins.

Although the ‘gurus’ did not make our Top 100 Adventures list, they did offer us some clues on how to really achieve extraordinary lives.

The clue was that they all seemed to be living exceptionally. So who trained them? They didn’t get to be so successful by attending their own seminars, right?

The answer is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Many of the ‘gurus’ in human development are trained in the techniques of NLP. Top 100 Adventures recognized NLP is the real personal development tool. Most motivators use NLP, but they don’t teach NLP. Bennett | Stellar University teaches NLP.

At first, we were intimidated to train under our mentor’s mentor, but we at Top 100 Adventures found Bennett | Stellar University to be chocked full of digestible teachings and magical experiences that continue creating adventures in our lives years after becoming Bennett | Stellar certified.

-John Chmela, Top 100 Adventures


Your Best NLP Training Instructors

Instructors: Michael and Sandra

Heartfelt NLP training instructors facilitate your NLP training and certificationOur heartfelt and engaging instructors have been practicing and training NLP for a combined total of over 35 years, and are truly the best of the best. When the sponsors of the NLP MindFest researched to find the world’s best NLP trainers to speak at their highly-attended event, two of those chosen few were Bennett | Stellar University instructors, Michael A Bennett and Sandra Vesterstein.

Even after you graduate this program, you will continue to learn from Michael and Sandra via weekly tele-classes and business-building coaching calls.

**Side effects may include heightened self-confidence, better body image, more active life style, and an abundance of joy. Decide carefully which option is right for you.

Extremely Knowledgeable, Friendly and Heartfelt  Instructors


Unprecedented NLP Training Support

Postgraduate Education | Re-Attend At No Charge

We take great pride in guiding you to evolve into being the best of NLP Practitioners. To ensure this outcome, we offer unlimited post course education and support – a priceless value at no additional charge.

This includes weekly business and skill building tele-classes, video access to the entire program, and unlimited re-attendance of our courses for increased retention and practice. When you re-attend, you participate as an assistant instructor for additional learning. There is no better offer to master your craft in this or any other professional field.


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Your certificates are signed by our founder, Michael A. Bennett and NLP co-developer, Richard Bandler.
This is the equivalent to having your psychology degree signed by Sigmund Freud.
Online Programs

4 Day NLP Life & Communication Specialist

This course can be attended entirely or partially online, on-site or both at no additional charge. Click here for online version.


8 Day Licensed Practitioner of NLP | Life Coach Certification

This course can be attended entirely or partially online, on-site or both at no additional charge. Click here for online version.


16 Day Master NLP Hypnotherapist & Coach

This course can be attended entirely or partially online, on-site or both at no additional charge. Click here for online version.