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1 May 2015

Everything is Hypnosis

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Everything is HypnosisThere are many definitions of hypnosis, but one common one is “a state or condition in which the client becomes highly responsive to suggestions.” That would include what happens in a hypnotist’s office when the client is relaxing and listening to positive suggestions. And hypnosis happens in many other situations too.

Hypnosis happens to all of us naturally every day. Whenever we’re in the alpha brainwave state, we’re especially open to suggestions. Have you noticed that the car is a great place to daydream? As you drive that familiar route, your thoughts naturally turn inward, imagining, planning, or remembering. And if you happen to listen to the radio as you drive, you may find yourself open to inspiration, marketing, or fear about the future, depending on whether you’re listening to a great song, commercials, or the news. You’re also in the alpha state and very suggestible when you read, creating images in your mind. Every time you fall asleep, you pass through the alpha state.

We spend much of our time in hypnosis, and you are your most convincing hypnotist. You might have heard yourself think or say something like “I have an addictive personality,” “Everyone in my family is overweight, so I am too,” or “As soon as I make some money, something happens, and I have to spend it all.” On the other hand, you may have heard yourself think or say, “I excel at everything I try,” “I was born lucky,” or “Every day is filled with opportunities.”

The most important thing to remember about hypnosis is that you always have the power to accept or reject suggestions. You know how it is when a salesperson is trying to convince you to buy something? You have a choice: You can choose to be convinced, or you can say, “Thanks anyway,” and walk away. You can do the same to your own thoughts and others’ suggestions. First, though, you have to become aware that you’re receiving suggestions.

Make a decision to take charge of your own hypnosis. First, make sure to listen to what you think and say to yourself.  It might help to write these thoughts down. When you become aware of a thought that is not serving you, rewrite it in an empowering way, and repeat the new statement out loud or in your mind.

When you’re working on a goal, before you fall asleep at night, use those alpha brainwaves to help you. Close your eyes and imagine you’ve already achieved your goal, and feel the joy of that accomplishment. Imagine it while you’re driving or doing other routine tasks. Remember that everything we think, see, hear, and experience in our environment can be a hypnotic influence. Make sure to use this to help you get what you want!

Bennett/Stellar University Graduate Update

Raphael Terrell completed his Neuro-Linguistic Coaching and Hypnotherapy Certification in Burlington Vermont in 2009. He writes:

“I have been doing Reiki and NLP on many friends and clients and have gotten great results. I know this is my new path and I am moving out to Park City, Utah in the winter. My goal is to open up a business working with snowboarders and skiers through NLP and Reiki. The goal is to be a coach in sports and work mental thought patterns out in competition. Through NLP I have found my passion and will to live. Thanks so much!”

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