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General Policies

General Policies

Video and Audio Tapes

Video or audio-taping is not permitted in the courses. Access to professionally taped videos are provided to each student at no additional charge for continued study and review as part of our life coaching and hypnotherapy certification programs.

Student Records

Student certifications and records will be maintained for 50 years, and are available upon request.

Financial Aid, Grants, and Scholarships

In loving memory of Ronald L. Bennett, who was dedicated to the mission of Bennett/Stellar University.

The Ronald L. Bennett Scholarship Program was developed to assist seekers of knowledge, self-awareness, and the depths of the unconscious mind to attend the life-transforming programs held at Bennett/Stellar University. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact Admissions at 1.888.432.1122, or Sandra@BennettStellar.org for more information.

This scholarship is intended as tuition assistance for the programs applied for in this application. In no way is this scholarship meant to be used as a full tuition replacement. Specific guidelines are used to evaluate the scholarship process. All fairness and equality are applied to each application. All students will be solely responsible for remaining tuition (after scholarship is accepted), travel, room/board, and any other accommodations required by personal preference.

Application For Scholarship

State & Federal Hypnotherapy Registration

Certification by this or any other Life coaching or hypnotherapy institute is an acknowledgment of successful course completion, and is not to be construed as a state or federal certification/licensure. Before practicing hypnotherapy, consult your local regulations.

Student Satisfaction Policy

NOTE: The following Policy is US Government mandated, enforced and regulated. Our Institute must follow this policy to maintain its licensing as a private vocational training institute. This is regardless of this policy proves to be in favor of the student or of the school.

The following refund policy is for live (on-site) attendance tuition only. Accommodations, travel and meal costs connected with the training are non-refundable.

  • The school must refund all money paid if the applicant is not accepted. This includes instances where a starting class is canceled by the school.
  • The school must refund all money paid if the applicant cancels within five business days (excluding Sundays and holidays) after the day the contract is signed or an initial payment is made, as long as the applicant has not begun training.
  • The school may retain an established registration fee equal to ten percent of the total tuition cost or one-hundred and fifty dollars, whichever is less, if the applicant cancels after the fifth business day from signing the contract or making an initial payment. A “registration fee” is any fee charged by a school to process student applications and establish a student record system.
  • If training is terminated after the student enters classes, the school may retain the registration fee plus a percentage of the total tuition as described in the following table: If the student completes this amount of training, the school may keep this percentage of the tuition cost:
One week or up to 10%, whichever is less 10%
More than one week or 10%, whichever is less, but less than 25% 25%
25% through 50% 50%
More than 50% 100%

The online program cancellation and refund policy is similar to the on-site policy. Due to the nature of access to online programs, this policy has been adjusted as follows.

If attending online or if the student is provided online access to this program, the school may retain the registration fee ($150.00) plus a percentage of the total tuition as described in the following table:

If the student has access to the program for this amount of time, the school may keep this percentage of the tuition cost:

More than 24 but less than 48 hours 10%
More than 48 but less than 72 hours 25%
More than 72 but less than 96 hours 50%
96 hours or more 100%

When calculating refunds, the official date of a student’s termination is the last day of recorded attendance:

  • (a) When the school receives notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training program; or,
  • (b) When the student is terminated for a violation of a published school policy which provides for termination; or,
  • (c) When a student, without notice, fails to attend classes for thirty calendar days.

All refunds must be paid within thirty calendar days of the student’s official termination date.

Discontinued Programs

If the school discontinues instruction in any program after students enter training, including circumstances where the school changes its location, students must be notified in writing of such events, and are entitled to a pro-rata refund of all tuition and fees paid, unless comparable training is arranged for by the school and agreed upon in writing by the student. A written request for such a refund must be made within 90 days from the date the program was discontinued or relocated, and the refund must be paid within 30 days after receipt of such a request.

Termination by the School

A student who fails to maintain satisfactory progress, violates safety regulations, interferes with other students’ work, is disruptive, obscene, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or does not make timely tuition payments, is subject to immediate termination.

Cancellation of Classes

The school reserves the right to cancel a starting class if the number of students enrolling is insufficient. Such a cancellation will be considered a rejection by the school, and will entitle the student to a full refund of all money paid.