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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - Aristotle
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1 May 2015

How Can You Learn So Much in 16 Days?

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State-of-Art-Education How Can I Learn So MuchI was on the phone with some prospective students for our Life Transformation Coach – Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy / Coaching program the other day and the same question seemed to be on their minds:

“How can I learn so much about Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy in 16 days?”
I always wonder…how could you not?

It seems that we have been so conditioned by the traditional learning model of endless repetition aka “cram and dump” that we have forgotten that we learn new things (very important things) everyday.  Most things that we learn do not need to be dragged out to meet some criteria… No, in fact -daily life is filled with the power of experiences. Each time our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings collide we have one of these things called an “experience”.   We may not see it this way because we have learned most of our daily routines so well we are on auto-pilot or “unconsciously competent”.

I can promise you that no one learned how to take a shower or brush his/her teeth from being told.  We learn by doing.

How to get the Most Learning from Your Experiences:

Immersion: Immerse Yourself in the Good Stuff

Most of us who have suffered through years of classroom tutorials know that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the environment.  All I had to do was go to Brazil for a few weeks and I started to understand the language easily.  By using all 5 (sometimes 6) receptors we have for information we maximize our exposure to the new information.  Yup, when information is coming in through all 5/6 of our senses we are more inclined to catch the point somewhere.

Emotions: Feelings… Nothing more than Feelings

Memories are emotional state dependent.  How we feel about an experience makes a difference on how we remember it.  For example, can you remember what you ate for lunch last Tuesday?  Probably not, unless last Tuesday had some kind of significant event attached to it.  It is like having little folders in your mind all stored by emotion.  So the next time you go to learn something new—get excited, get curious—feel something!

Trust:  The Good Stuff

Our unconscious minds are far more powerful than we can imagine.  By trusting your unconscious mind you enter into a co-creative relationship with the information around you.  It is really easy to trust our unconscious mind.  It handles important stuff.  It regulates all the breathing, blood flow, and body functions AND we drive cars with it (that is the part I think is really crazy).  Most of us have become so unconscious about things like driving we can make it all the way out of the driveway and down the road before we put the first conscious thought toward the actual driving part.  So get your unconscious mind involved and trust that it can do more for you than you previously thought.

Bennett/Stellar University Graduate Update

Raphael Terrell completed his Neuro-Linguistic Coaching and Hypnotherapy Certification in Burlington Vermont in 2009. He writes:
“I have been doing Hypnotherapy and NLP on many friends and clients and have gotten great results. I know this is my new path and I am moving out to Park City, Utah in the winter. My goal is to open up a business working with snowboarders and skiers through NLP and Reiki. The goal is to be a coach in sports and work mental thought patterns out in competition. Through NLP I have found my passion and will to live. Thanks so much!”

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