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“Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart Is No Education At All” – Aristotle


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NLP Training Reviews - Life Coach Training Reviews - Bennett Stellar University ReviewsNLP Training Reviews 1

100% of our students rate the training they received at Bennett | Stellar University effective in the achievement of their goals. In fact, over 90% rated the training extremely effective!

[Source: Student Evaluation Forms]
“When I first looked into the Bennett | Stellar University, I read the feedback from some of the former students. Of course I was skeptical when I was reading about how much this program changed their lives and how they will never be the same. Well here I am today, the same person, only now with an incredible skill set that will take me further than I ever thought possible. Not only do I feel more confident and more in control of my life, but others see it and compliment me on it as well.
I haven’t even started my practice as a hypnotherapist yet and I already have clients. I am now a believer in what Michael and Sandra have to offer and their humorous and thoughtful style of teaching drives home the messages of the lessons. This school was the greatest investment in my life I could have made and it has definitely changed my life forever.”
– Ryan Larsen
“I and my better half had been working in the training business at different companies for almost 15 years. Most of our employers are in direct sales, business, insurance, and marketing people. Six years ago, we had started to learn NLP skills at different Asian countries, but we found that we haven’t made good use of the potential of NLP until we met Michael Bennett of Bennett | Stellar University.
We made a trip from our hometown in Hong Kong to Seattle for two weeks; we had joined an accelerated class for NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Therapy. Most of our classmates were professionals and we all had the same thought that Michael was experienced and professional.
Two months have past; we found the skills we were taught work great for changing habits, motivating success, and spiritual healing. It was 100% applicable to our career.”
– Raymond and Maxine,
Success Culture Ltd., Hong Kong, China
“Before I attended the Bennett | Stellar University training, I was practicing NLP in business and sports for eight years. I was fully aware of the techniques and applications of the NLP model. I was blown away by Michael’s training. They focused on the basic foundations and techniques of NLP. From this foundation, students can easily apply the “patterns” I had learned at XYZ Training Institute. The manner in which Michael and his fellow instructors tag teamed the course is very entertaining and fascinating. You will be learning although it won’t feel that way for the amount of laughter was contagious. I had a wonderful time and this from a business person who went through the accelerated program with some off-the-wall characters. I wish I would have had Bennett | Stellar training back in 1996 instead of XYZ Training Institute’s training”.
– Tim Brundett Product Research Consultant
“For some time, I researched trainers. I found that my choice of Bennett | Stellar University was the best decision I could have made. Not only is the training thorough, the science behind it is well-founded and the content delivery is superb. The program is intense, exciting and life-altering. My work in physician and hospital relations will no doubt be elevated by my experience with Bennett | Stellar University.”
– Marie de Martinez, MA, FACHE Vice President for Business Development
Saint Francis Medical Center

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NLP Training Reviews - Life Coach Training Reviews - Bennett Stellar University ReviewsLife Coach Training Reviews 2

100% of our students rate the skills taught at Bennett | Stellar University as useful in their lives or practice. In fact, over 95% rated these skills as highly useful.

[Source: Student Evaluation Forms]
My official studies and training are: BA in Special Education in Ewha Women’s University, MA in Sociology of Education in Pusan National University in Korea, brief studies in Theology and Cultural Anthropology in Leuven University in Belgium, Higher Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy in National University College Cork and at the moment I’m finishing my MA in Guidance and Counseling in Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.
I also have had many different additional training in Korea, the Uk, and Ireland : MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator),Transactional Analysis, Buddhist Meditation, T-Group,Resnick’s Couple Therapy, Bert Hellinger’s Family Systems Therapy and Diamond Approach.
I am delighted to say that Michael’s NLP / Life Coaching / Hypnotherapy course was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. It was mind blowing, inspiring and most of all it greatly integrated all of my previous studies, training and professional and personal experiences. Michael has such knowledge, skills and a relaxed attitude that he gave us the chance to learn NLP’s incredible methods at the same time as having fun. Furthermore, I could benefit from solving some of my life long issues unexpectedly.”
– Soonduk Park Mooney, Ireland
“One of the most enjoyable seminars I have ever experienced. This is the sort of training that can have a life changing impact, often in ways that cannot be seen in advance. There were so many good ideas, stories, triggers which will surface again and again in the future. It could never be forgotten. I have been looking forward to this for five months. High expectations can be dangerous, but you amply met them and more.”
– Martin Scott, Professor, Ashridge College, England
“Attending this training was one of the best things I have ever done. I expected to gain a lot of valuable knowledge during the training, but this training far exceeded my expectations! It’s useful and valuable for anyone in business, sales, teaching, management, medicine and the healing arts.
Michael is so knowledgeable and creates an experiential environment that fosters ultimate learning with extreme passion, humor, sensitivity and creativity with the utmost professional focus.
– Lisa Voss, M.S., IBM, Manager HR e-business Web Services
“I hope you are all well. I wanted you to know that I have been offered a job.
The specialist college where I work has been training me doing relaxation and stress management sessions with the learners for the past year, just 1 hour a day, and yesterday they offered me a 18 hour a week contract to expand the sessions through the whole curriculum and become a specialist consultant at the college.
Ofsted rated my sessions as a ‘Strength’ in the last inspection, and the college (and my boss) are very happy with the improvement that some of the learners have had in their behavior. I’m delighted.
Thank God for NLP Coaching!!!!! Please tell Michael the good news and that I’m doing fine. Tell him everything just fell into place and I’m much more congruent now (he’ll understand). Many blessings to you all”
– Love Trish

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NLP Training Reviews - Life Coach Training Reviews - Bennett Stellar University ReviewsNLP Training Reviews 3

100% of our students report that they would recommend our training programs to others.

[Source: Student Evaluation Forms]
“Fantastic course, would recommend to others. Definitely worth taking. Now worth more. Will allow me to understand others better. Great, fantastic, brilliant. Be prepared to be a different person after 16 days !”
– Mark Young – Director, Academy Class
“Just so you know, My friend and I both have our own practices and are doing very well. Attending Bennett | Stellar was one of the best things we have ever done. We love our work. Time and again clients tell us how they got more out of three sessions than after 15 years of therapy. What you are doing, Michael, is a gift, and by teaching others you spread that gift to the world. Thank you.”
– Betty Higgins
“I could not have been more pleased with the Bennett | Stellar University Program. I found Sandra and Michael to be professional and knowledgeable in their field. The program was enriching for me both professionally and spiritually. Using NLP and Time-Line Coaching™ will be highly beneficial in my counseling practice. Insurance companies are limiting most counseling facilities to six sessions per person. I wanted to learn how to speed up the process. NLP will definitely speed up the process.”
– Jenifer Conder, Counselor
“Michael, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing you today in class. It was great!! I am much more consciously aware now of the techniques you’re using and just how masterful a teacher you truly are. Super impressive. Loved the magic words lecture!! Want a Connie update? I’m doing this work now, hypnosis and NLP, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Love it!
I’m really grateful to you! I feel good, this is precisely what I should be doing with my life. (I figured it out late, but better late than never, huh?) Thanks again for everything!
PS: The spider-phobia cure you did on me a year ago by just telling a story in class is still holding strong! :)”
– Connie Brannan, Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner
“Michael you are the best! I am so grateful for the training I got from you and Sandra!! I got the house of my dreams, my own peace of mind, my hypnotherapy practice and so many other experiences I cannot even imagine I am going to encounter because I am so different in so many ways right now. I hope your school is thriving because you are doing so many useful things for mankind. Wish you LOVE, LOVE, REIKI and more LOVE for you to succeed as you are doing extraordinary things.”
– Marina Robinson, Redmond Hypnotherapy
“I knew that this 16 days NLP & Hypnotherapy Coaching Course was going to be “a life changing experience” for me, but to be honest I wasn’t expecting that change was going to be this massive!.. …….Yes!. My life has changed forever in a very positive way by having this wonderful life experience with “Bennett | Stellar University Team” and other wonderful and inspiring group spirits.”
– Funda Malas – Art Teacher- England

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NLP Training Reviews - Life Coach Training Reviews - Bennett Stellar University ReviewsLife Coach Training Reviews 4

When asked the question “Were there additional unexpected benefits to the program?” 90% of our students say yes.

[Source: Student Evaluation Forms]
“I am Jacqueline’s husband, I would like to personally thank you for all the support and kindness you gave Jacqueline. When Jacqueline told me how you and her teammates provided her with all the support, courage and affection during this unexpected and emotional event in her life I was taken back and extremely grateful that she was surrounded by such incredibly kind and wonderful people. Jacqueline is blessed to have gotten to know you and I am thankful that she has. Once again thank you for all you have done!!”
– Sincerely, George Abbondante, Vice President/General Manager
“I have been living in Iowa and just took up a job opportunity working with a small team to incorporate NLP into the training of a large business here. I have also been doing a few Reiki training courses here and there and have had a handful of coaching opportunities.
I really enjoy doing 1 on 1 coaching sessions with clients and have found that I am most satisfied in life and feel successful when I am teaching/facilitating others to reach their optimum health. As a matter of fact, since your seminar last summer, I can say I have felt fulfilled more consistently than any other times in my life and I really feel that continuing with NLP, Hypnosis, and “energy-work” is the direction I want to move towards in my life.
In conclusion to that, I am wondering… In the future, are there any possibilities for me to learn how to train others in NLP, Hypnosis, and Coaching from you through your University? Your training style have been most impactful and the ways you two communicate and listen to clients / people are skills I want to learn as a trainer.
I found the environment you two help set were magical and a key element to all of the healing that unfolded over the two weeks. I do see myself in the future creating and designing training further off into my future and I would love to learn how to do this business and continue to improve my health and my skills so I can make a positive impact on people’s lives. This type of work is really my passion and I want to step into my potential as a teacher / trainer (and self healer).”
– Lexie Penaluna, Iowa
“A big thank you to you and your team for providing an informative and interesting course, …. I was able to help a lot of people. I did a lot of anchoring, tapping, and re-framing. It is amazing how awful people feel about themselves when they are overweight. Thanks to you and your team, it gave me the confidence to work with these people and know that what I was doing with them has changed their lives.”
– Suzanne Barnett -Training Director, Hotkeys Training
“I came looking for hypnotherapy, thinking that the NLP would be a nice addition. The NLP was far more powerful than I expected and will add a whole new dimension to my practice. I love the combination of NLP, Hypnosis and Reiki. Michael’s use of NLP in teaching the class is masterful. I feel well prepared to take the skills I learned into the world.”
– Traci Styner Schaible, Energy Healer / Life Coach
“It will help me with bereavement and cancer clients”
– Louise Lowry – Area Manager, Orange CA

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NLP Training ReviewsNLP Training Reviews 5

“I wanted to thank you for the mind blowing training that you and Sandra gave to me(us) in Sedona. You really are a phenomenal teacher. You have a way of making learning stick. I went to the NLP Institute here in Vancouver for some free counseling sessions given by their graduating students getting their practicum experience. I was curious as to what techniques they used. I was amazed that I knew as much as the student did…and it took her 2 years to learn it.”
– Carol B.
“When I attended this training, my intention was to embrace the training and use it for deep personal healing, as well as for professional growth and certification. I had been seeing both a Naturopath and an energy work therapist for my health concerns. I had discussed with both of them the patterns I desired to shift. Upon return from the training, I had appointments set up with both of them. I had profound shifts within myself and had that further validated by both therapists. I have continued to feel and deepen these shifts these weeks that followed. The other plus for me, that resulted from the training, is how the information I received has moved into my consciousness and expanded my understanding extensively. The cognitive shifts that I have experienced are changing how I view the world, myself, how I communicate, listen, market myself, and respond to friends, clients and business contacts. I am seeing how this knowledge can be taken into every area of my life, personal, interpersonal and professional and have a profound effect on it all. I have been attending training for 22 years and have never experienced such a universal transformation in myself.”
– Aradhana Thurman, Massage Therapist & Wellness Coach
“The Bennett | Stellar University trainers were very personable and approachable to the group. They made the training fun and enjoyable. They were very involved in the progress of each participant. They were also very qualified and experienced. The program was presented in a very clear, understandable and easy to follow manner. I benefited greatly from the review of the NLP Practitioner section of the seminar. It added greatly to my confidence in the use of NLP skills. The group received great amounts of knowledge and a high level of competency in the subjects presented.
The manual is very detailed, easy to use and valuable for use after the seminar.
I found the advanced level of trance states (Hypnosis) very valuable in regards to NLP techniques and life in general. Reiki was a delightful benefit, that I was previously uninterested in. It is now a healing technique that will be a beneficial part of what I plan to do in the future. I had a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis and Reiki that were cleared up in the seminar.
The format in which these seminars are setup provides an environment for great personal benefits just from attending them. You experience many of the processes on a personal level throughout the training as you are practicing them. There is also a group bond that is formed that is rare and an extremely worthwhile experience.
I personally believe that NLP should be taught in the school system beginning very young in the elementary level (that is, if the government could keep itself from contaminating it).”
– Lorrie Randle
“This program is a must for anyone who works in the field of mental health — especially those who work with managed care criteria. I use these skills daily with much success.”
– Greg Buhler, Certified Mental Health Counselor

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