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3 May 2017

Instant Rapport Techniques Through NLP


Instant Rapport TechniquesThe process through which you establish a harmonious, understanding relationship with your subject that consists of mutual confidence is known as rapport building. This is carried out by working to reduce perceived differences with your subject at the unconscious level to the very minimum.

NLP teaches you ways to instantly build credibility and trust with anyone. Through NLP you learn how to quickly develop ways that will let you build rapport much faster who ever you communicate with be they family, friends or other people. Ways to build a rapport cover the use of keywords, predicates, pet words, breathing, eye blinks, head tilt, posture, rhythms and many other things. It also helps you to be more balanced in your thinking and to understand your mind. NLP teaches you the vital importance of representations in everyday communications and how to ask the right questions and above all expect and elicit high quality answers.

Rapport forms one of the vitally important ingredients of interaction between people. In simple terms being in rapport with someone means being on the same wavelength while communicating with that person. Such harmonious connection is a desirable skill that can be mastered through NLP tools and techniques. Rapport lets you increase your awareness and understand how the person with whom you communicate views the world. Here are some NLP techniques that will let you build instant rapport with whom you communicate.

Pay attention to words– Spoken words have a direct relationship with the beliefs, ideas and understandings the speaker has about himself, other people and the world in general. Speech is a projection of thoughts and feelings going on inside a person. When a person using NLP listens intently to the words spoken by another person and starts using the same words while talking it becomes possible for him to enter the other person’s world and view it as he sees it and have a better understanding of how that person feels or thinks and ultimately help in building rapport, persuading and influencing him/her more easily.

Observe para-language– Para-language refers to body language or other forms of non-verbal elements of communication such as gestures, postures, facial expressions, eye movements etc. Expression of para-language can be both conscious and unconscious and besides the above also includes the pitch, rhythm and volume of the voice. Matching the tone of voice, pitch and rhythm lets you build instant rapport.

Identify Meta programs– Meta programs in NLP refer to an individual’s habitual patterns that he uses in a given situation. NLP examples of Meta programs include an individual’s preference for overview against detail, preference of where to place attention in course of a conversation, preference for a specific outcome, preference in social styles such as indifference, assertiveness, tolerance etc., learning preferences, convincing patterns etc.

These are some of the ways of building instant rapport. Listening to words representing thoughts and emotions of a person, paying attention to para-language, noting their meta-programs and using them to the best advantage can be immensely helpful in a variety of situations that can include sales, negotiations, in the hiring process, therapy and many others. The higher the rapport level the more harmonious will be the connection and lead to better empathy and understanding towards other people.

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