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Complimentary Lesson #2 of 7 – NLP Eye Accessing

E-Course Lesson #2 of 7 – NLP Eye Accessing

Learn this highly effective skill very few coaches or hypnotherapists know of or fully understand.

International Society of NLP - NLP Eye AccessingEye Accessing – Have you heard the phrase, “Things are looking up!”? Did you know that you can recall memories better by looking up and in a certain direction? Watch this NLP lesson to learn about the fascinating psychological connection between eye movements, memories and emotions!

This lesson of one of over 50 skill-sets Bennett | Stellar University students learn in the programs listed below. Instructors Michael A Bennett and Sandra Vesterstein’s friendly, laid-back style of teaching results in a relaxed, fun and safe environment for you to learn and personally experience and apply these techniques to benefit your own life, as well as to become a confident and competent professional and profit from these arts by making a difference in the lives of many others.

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