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12 Nov 2015

Life Coach Certification FAQs


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Reviews

Q: What is the market like? Will I attract clients?

answerThe personal development industry continues to expand, and the demand for successful and effective coaches and hypnotherapists is at an all-time high. Even with talk of economic issues in the media, right now, most coaches and hypnotherapists are booking more clients than ever. In a time of evolution, it is only natural for people to seek personal development.

According to Marketdata Enterprises’, Inc., an independent market research publisher, new 321-page market study, The U.S. Market For Self-Improvement Products & Services:

Personal/Life coaching is becoming more popular. Marketdata estimates that 40,000 people in the U.S. work as life or work coaches and this $2.4 billion market is growing 18% per year.

It’s becoming a status symbol to have a personal coach. Many of the top motivational speakers perform coaching or have ‘certified’ coaches to work under the company name. There are even fitness-by-phone coaches and love/dating/relationship coaches.

No license is required and the field is largely unregulated.

What our students often share with us is that prior to attending our Life Transformation Coach Certification Program, they questioned our claims. After they attended, they no longer questioned, as they experienced these results for themselves. In their practical sessions with fellow students, they, too, achieved amazing first-time results.

If you bring any of the following issues with you to class, you, too, can leave without them. Surely you know someone who desires help with at least one of these listed problems:

Health & Wellness
  • Physical / Food Addictions
  • Insomnia / Sleep Disorders
  • Allergies / Allergy Symptoms
  • Heal A Traumatic injury
  • Pain & Physical Limitations
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Symptoms of Depression
  • To Stop (Quit) Smoking
  • To Be Fit / Weight Loss
Goal Achievement
  • Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Needs To Build Confidence
  • Enhance Performance
  • Stress Management
Overcome Fears & Anxiety
  • Fear of Insects and Animals
  • Fear of Flying / Driving
  • Stage Fright
  • Fear of Heights
  • Symptoms of Anxiety
  • Test Anxiety
Relationship Troubles
  • Jealousy
  • What To Do After A Break-up
  • Dealing With Divorce Issues
  • Deal With Grief
  • Manage Their Anger

Q: Can I really be qualified and ready to see clients in just 16 days?

Yes! This program is designed to build confidence and unconscious competence in students. We instill our students with the ability to do, embody, and otherwise become the skills and knowledge of these modalities. Our course is organized more in-line with the instructional methods of integration and rapid-learning technologies. We focus on the development of the skills instead of pre-written procedures, scripts or patterns. In this way, the student is more versatile in their approach to issues, and there is a high level of experiential learning.

Just 16 days?

You’re not alone. This a common misunderstanding for many of our prospective students. On average, a college course semester equates to 40 – 50 class contact hours. Because these hours are spread out in 2 – 3 hour increments, it requires 6 months to complete a course. This program is scheduled according to current accelerated – and more effective – learning principles. As a result, we have condensed the class hours – similar to attending an intense retreat. Our Life Transformation Certification program consists of 200 class contact hours. This is equivalent to attending two years of a college course, and is simply condensed into 16 days instead of spread out over two years. It is truly a more effective and enjoyable way to learn.

This method works particularity well for those individuals who found the older methods more challenging to their learning.
Your Follow-Up Question – I’m not sure i can sit that long

Just relax. We get this one a lot, too. All students are encouraged to self-nurture themselves as long as they are not disturbing other class participants. This includes getting up and standing in the back of the room or adjusting seating arrangements to their preference. Even though this option is available, it is rare that anyone takes advantage of it – even those students with back problems. Of course, we often remove such problems via a live class demonstration – so we have an edge there. The students are never bored, find the class interesting and engaging, and it is rare that they sit for more than an hour or so. The program is filled with many practical exercises, and we do provide breaks. The time flies by, and the only sad moments for students in this program are when it is completed. Some even shed a few tears.

There are those who would cling to antiquated teaching methods, taking a painfully longer time and learning less effectively. For them, the traditional methods still exist. Bennett / Stellar University is available for the enlightened ones who take advantage of our innate power to learn – and profit – now.

In addition, your learning is amplified by the way in which we employ accelerated learning techniques into program instruction. This is natural for us, as these current learning techniques were derived from the understanding of the mind and how it works from the subjects we teach: Neuro-Linguistics and Hypnosis. Our instructors are highly skilled practitioners in these arts, and this gives us a significant advantage over most training institutes. If an organization is training you in life coaching and/or hypnosis, and is not employing these skills in their program, their course length can be longer – without benefit to you as the student. Those instructors are probably not as skilled as you would want to become.

Master’s Level Education

If that isn’t enough, Master’s Level Certification and postgraduate education is included. This includes unlimited re-attendance of this program for increased retention and practice. When you re-attend, you participate as an assistant instructor for additional learning. This allows you to start your multi-faceted professional practice while advancing your education even further – and at your own pace – with an additional 400 hours of optional postgraduate study and support. This part of the training is provided to you through videos, videoconferencing, and teleclasses. There is no better offer to master your craft in this or any other professional field.

Q: What is included in my tuition?

Our Programs Include:

  • Manual: a 5lb, 400-page carefully-crafted manual.
  • 200 hours of Instruction by Master Trainers, Michael Bennett and Sandra Vesterstein.

400 hours of optional Master’s Level Postgraduate Study via:

  • Over 50 videos for program study and review.
  • Bi-monthly Tele-Classes for skill development.
  • Bi-monthly Tele-Classes for business development.
  • Re-attend program at no additional charge.
  • Access to live Internet broadcasts of programs for study and review.

Q. How is it possible to learn all of the subjects in your Life Transformation Coach Program?

As a complete healing arts and life transformation program, it is rated so highly because Hypnosis, NLP, and Reiki are at the core of almost all healing and coaching disciplines. They integrate so naturally with each other because each enhances and empowers the other.

Instruction for concepts common to each discipline are provided once. This  saves time for the student to fully grasp each art individually, thus allowing them to explore their use in combination as a new and advanced healing and success modality.

One thing our students recognize right from the beginning is that we use NLP, Hypnosis, and Reiki to teach NLP, Hypnosis, and Reiki. This gives us a significant advantage over most training institutes. Many other life coaching and hypnotherapy institutes spend a lot of time teaching individual patterns and scripts that are available in books and tapes. These patterns and scripts consist of the same set of basic skills.

Our course is organized more in line with the instructional methods of integration and rapid-learning technologies. We focus on the development of the skills that make up these patterns and scripts so the student will be able to effectively utilize them to design their own scripts and patterns. In this way, we feel the student is more versatile in their approach to issues.

Related Student Review and Testimonial

I am currently working as a gestalt psychotherapist and marriage counsel, privately and in a family and community centre in Ireland. I have studied several subjects in many different colleges and institutes for the last 25 years since I graduated high school.

My official studies are : BA in Special Education in Ewha Women’s University, MA in Sociology of Education in Pusan National University in Korea, brief studies in Theology and Cultural Anthropology in Leuven University in Belgium, Higher Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy in National University College Cork and at the moment I’m finishing my MA in Guidance and Counseling in Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

I also have had many different additional training in Korea, the UK, and Ireland : MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Trans-actional Analysis, Buddhist Meditation, T-Group, Resnick’s Couple Therapy, Bert Hellinger’s Family Systems Therapy and Diamond Approach.

I am delighted to say that Bennett / Stellar’s program was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. It was mind-blowing, inspiring and most of all it greatly integrated all of my previous studies, training and professional and personal experiences. Michael has such knowledge, skills and a relaxed attitude that he gave us the chance to learn NLP’s incredible methods at the same time as having fun. Furthermore, I could benefit from solving some of my life long issues unexpectedly.

— Soonduk Park Mooney

Q: I have investigated training programs that will take me longer to accomplish. What can I achieve in your program? How do you do it?

It’s the scheduling, teaching techniques, and environment that make the difference. The evidence is now in: The brain learns more efficiently and faster when the material is integrated and presented in a shorter amount of time. There are those who would cling to antiquated teaching methods and painfully take a longer time and learn less effectively. For them, the traditional methods still exist. Bennett / Stellar University is available for the enlightened ones who take advantage of our innate power to learn  – and profit – now. This method works particularity well for those who found the older methods more challenging to their learning.

One thing our students recognize right from the beginning is that our instructors use Neuro-Linguistics, the basis for today’s accelerated learning methods, to teach each field of study we offer. This gives us a significant advantage over most training institutes. Many institutes spend a lot of time teaching individual patterns and scripts that are available in books and tapes. These patterns and scripts consist of the same set of skills.

In addition, our class size is limited. This allows us to personally address each student’s style of learning and address issues in a shorter amount of time. While our methods are more efficient, we should mention this is simply a difference in training style and methodology. We are sure that whichever training institute you choose, you will believe it is right for you.

Related Student Review and Testimonial

Before I attended the Bennett / Stellar University training, I was practicing NLP in business and sports for eight years. I was fully aware of the techniques and applications of the NLP model. I was blown away by Michael and his fellow instructor’s training. They focused on the basic foundations and techniques of NLP. From this foundation, students can easily apply the ‘patterns’ taught at XYZ Training Institute. The manner in which Michael and instructors tag teamed the course is very entertaining and fascinating. You will be learning although it won’t feel that way for the amount of laughter was contagious. I had a wonderful time and this from a business person who went through the accelerated program with two off-the-wall characters. If I had to do it over again, I would definitely take Bennett / Stellar’s training first. I wish I would have had Bennett / Stellar training back in 1992 instead of XYZ Training Institute’s training.  — Tim Brundrett

Q: How will I start a private practice?

Interwoven within our programs, students receive instruction and support getting started in their own private practice. You will graduate this training with a business or life plan to help ensure your success.

Each student is responsible for taking action regarding his or her own business, including, but not limited to, business licensing, marketing materials, and start-up costs, etc.

Q. What are the National & International Training Requirements?

The short answer: There are no license or training requirements required. The fields of life coaching and hypnotherapy are open professions and are largely unregulated. In a few regions within the US, there are minimum training requirements to practice hypnotherapy. There is absolutely none to practice life coaching. Anyone can practice hypnotherapy or life coaching.

That was the short answer. Because many organizations are willing to mislead the prospective student on this subject. And as a result, students have experienced insufficient education and have reported many horror stories to us, I am offering up a longer answer to this question.

Avoid Being Misled By Associations. They Make Their Money Recruiting Members.

There are some requirements to be a member of national and international hypnotherapy and life coaching associations. For example, The Association of “X”, The “Y” Federation or The “Y” Society may have established specific requirements to be met to become a member of their organization. It is important to note these requirements are made up by the association and are only relevant should a student want to be a member of that particular organization. To maintain your membership, you must pay yearly dues. While a few of these associations provide benefits such as insurance and referral services, most of these simply offer an additional certificate to hang on your wall, an occasional newsletter, and are not worth the money. Membership is not required.

Associations and schools have a symbiotic relationship. The reason schools mention their affiliation with an association is to gain third- party credibility. The reason associations recommend a school is to increase their membership.

Because there are no regulations or educational requirements, it is a common practice for organizations that teach either life coaching or hypnotherapy to create an illusion of them, and to promote that their training is either accredited by one or a number of the many associations. Even we are accredited by most of them. The organizations making claims however, their education is better as a result, or emphasize their affiliations with these associations as their main selling point, usually means that they are new to the field and may have only recently completed a training provided by or affiliated with that association. When a new school promotes that they meet certain regulations set by an association, it helps them to overcome their lack of experience and appear more credible.

Unfortunately, there are very few honest associations in this industry. Some of the larger ones have become large because they take advantage of potential students’ naivety in this subject and advertise themselves as a governing body for that field. The students that have fallen for this tend to substantiate these claims either out of continued ignorance or pride. For you to make an educated decision regarding your education, you should know the truth: There are no governing bodies or any accreditation or affiliation needed to practice life coaching or hypnotherapy. Any licensing required will be provided by a state government, not an association. Knowing this expands your opportunities and increases your chances to receive the most our of your education and investment. See below.

Some schools and associations threaten potential students that there will be regulations in the future, and of course they will be the ones to meet them. Regulations are unlikely. If there should be any in the future, membership in an association will not be required to meet them. Even a licensed professional such as a medical doctor doesn’t have to be a member of the American Medical Association. Have you ever asked your doctor if he or she is a member of the AMA? Probably not. It is likely he or she isn’t.

The simple fact is unlike the medical or psychology fields, many life coaching and hypnotherapy associations are owned by the vary schools they recommend or accredit, and the larger ones now operate similar to a multi-level marketing company.

Some of the most well-known operate similar to a multi-level marketing company. In order to be a member, you must be trained by someone who was trained by someone and so on until you reach the top of the ladder – the association’s founding school. Associations like the International Coaching Federation (ICF),  and within the hypnotherapy field, the Accrediting Counsel of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), are examples of these.

Thomas Leonard founded the ICF to give credibility to his coaching school, Coach U, and Gil Boyne founded ACHE to promote his Hypnotism Training Institute. While there are independent associations, this is true with many associations, societies, and federations – not just these two. Thomas Leonard has since passed away and both of his entities were sold. The ICF is now owned by a company that owns many associations in a wide variety of fields of study.

Bottom-line: There are no regulations. Join an association if you feel it will provide benefits for you or your practice. If your educational investment is important, and you want to receive the most out it, make your choice out of the many schools based on the following.

How To Successfully Determine Which School To Choose

3 Great Indicators:

1. Make sure the school is licensed by a state government. Most organizations that teach life coaching or hypnotherapy are not licensed. It’s easier to just pay an association. To be licensed, a school must meet standards enforced by the US Department of Education. To maintain a school’s license, each year the school must prove it meets the minimum educational requirements for the field of study they teach, maintain regulated policies that protect the student, and supply proof of financial stability. If the school is licensed and also happens to be affiliated with an association, fine. However, unlike an association that has no control over the school, a state government does.

2. Examine the school’s curriculum, itinerary, instructors, and class size. Does it appear that their curriculum will be complete and thorough? Does the itinerary for the program appear to be extensive, or is it packed with moments of fluff to fill up time? Do their instructors have experience in the field, or did they simply decide to teach it? How many years of experience and training do their instructors have with the material? Is the number of students attending a reasonably-sized group, or are you going to be member of an audience in a show?

3. Is their curriculum approved for continuing education for complimentary professions. Life coaching and hypnotherapy are often popular subjects for continued education in the health-care field- medical professionals, nurses and massage therapists to name of few. These professions are regulated by national and state government professional licensing boards. If the school you are considering is approved for continuing education by one or more of these boards, this can provide you with a good idea of the quality of their instructors and curriculum.

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

$1000.00 deposit is required to register for a program and to reserve a seat in the class (of course, paying in-full covers this deposit). $150.00 of this deposit is non-refundable for administrative costs.

Q: How will I learn the information? Do I need to take notes or study before attending?

You will be learning energetically, mentally, physically, and academically. You will observe live demonstrations of each technique taught, which is rare in this industry. You will have practical exercises, lectures, and study groups. We encourage each student to use the study and note-taking skills that work best for them. We also encourage and teach students to create learning states that are conducive for greater recall, and we challenge students to explore how their minds work and experiment with different styles of learning. In other words, no, you don’t have to take notes or do any pre-study.

Q: How do I arrange my travel and lodging needs?

Bennett / Stellar University has strong relationships with hotels and resorts, and our Student Support Staff is happy to assist you in booking lodging in these accommodations. We can also make recommendations about the best way get to a location and how to be comfortable during your stay.

Please contact Student Services 888-432-1122 if you are interested in having a roommate or arranging your lodging accommodations.

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