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9 Sep 2015

Manifesting Your Desires With Hypnosis

Hypnosis – Manifesting Desires?

Hypnosis Manifesting DesiresManifestation is one of those buzz words that is thrown around without much thought as to what it actually means. Manifestation is the process of making something manifest. The word, manifest, means to exhibit or to show. Manifestation is the evidence of having done something. Therefore, it is the result of action. So, if you want something in your life, action is needed to precede manifestation. Manifestation is merely the evidence that you have achieved your goal.

So, how does Hypnosis manifest your dreams and desires? Hypnosis allows us to access the unconscious mind, where all of our experiences are stored. Since all of our behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs are guided by our unconscious mind, that is where we need to go in order to influence change. Using hypnosis to make contact with the unconscious mind allows us to access deeply-held beliefs about the world that may limit the achievement of our dreams. These beliefs, even though we may not be aware of them in our consciousness, still influence our ability to realize our potential. Once we are able to find these limiting beliefs within the unconscious mind, we are then able to remove them and replace them with more positive and beneficial beliefs. These new beliefs help us to manifest our dreams and desires.

It is in this way that hypnosis is the action and manifestation is the result. When we take action to achieve our dreams and desires, accomplishment is made manifest. This is because the beliefs in our unconscious minds color the way we see the world. Whatever we look for in our world is what we manifest. If we look through eyes filled with limitation, we see limitation around us. If we look through eyes of possibility, we see possibility. Which would you prefer? Manifest it – it’s your choice.

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