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Master Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching Schedule

NLP and hypnotherapy certification program

Program #3101 Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy®
Master Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching

Be A Master Of Achievement, Behavioral Change, Healing & Life Transformation
The Most Complete And Comprehensive NLP Hypnotherapy Program Available
Includes Program #2101 Licensed Practitioner of NLP® & Coaching Certifications


NLP, hypnotherapy IMPORTANT: Our Master NLP and Hypnotherapy Certification Program can be attended live for a continuous 16 days and awards four (4) professional certifications. This equates to the immersion of four college semesters of fun-filled education in a resort setting. This program includes unlimited re-attendance for no additional charge. You can also break this live program down and attend in the same or various locations in 4-day increments (See Below). You can also attend all or part of the program online, or purchase one online course lesson at a time (See Below).

In addition, for reference, further retention and additional learning, your tuition includes permanent access to a corresponding online program, and unlimited weekly teleconference coaching calls with instructors. The online program can also substitute for live attendance if you cannot attend all live training dates. FREE OPTION: If you successfully complete the live program, and re-attend online or live or any combination of either, and attend the weekly teleconference coaching calls to add up to 600 hours of total study, you are additionally awarded master’s level certification in hypnotherapy and NLP coaching.

On-Site "Live" Schedule

Learn how to make a difference and evolve yourself all in one program. Due to the unique delivery of information, class demonstrations, and safe learning environment inherent in our live programs, students learn professional skills and experience massive amounts of self improvement in the process. Side effects of attending Bennett | Stellar University may include heightened self-confidence, better body image, more active lifestyle, and an abundance of joy. Decide carefully which option is right for you.

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#3101’s Component Programs

Our NLP And Hypnotherapy Certification Program can be broken down into the following 4-day component programs. Each attended program includes unlimited re-attentance and permanent access to its online version for review, further retention and additional learning. Each program can be attended separately and will be credited toward the completion of the full certification program displayed above.

YOUR POSSIBLE SCHEDULE SCENARIOS: Let’s say you can’t get away for the full 16 days at once. You can attend a combination of online and live to complete the full program. For example, you can choose to attend Program #1 online, Programs #2 and #3 live and return home to complete Program #4 online. Or possibly another scenario works better for your schedule. You could always choose to re-attend the programs taken online live, when and if your schedule permits, at no additional charge. Or maybe your interest lies solely in Program #3. If so, attend this program only and receive the certificates awarded for that portion of the program.   

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Prog. #1

Program #1001
Days 1 - 4

Prog. #2

Program #1201
Days 5 - 8

Prog. #3

Program #1002
Days 10 - 13

Prog. #4

Program #1206
Days 14 - 17


The above NLP And Hypnotherapy Certification Programs can be broken down into the following 45 individual online lessons. Each attended course lesson includes permanent access for review, further retention and additional learning. Each of the 45 course lessons can be attended separately and will be credited toward the completion of the full certification programs displayed above. While not mandatory, starting with #NLC-11 and continuing in order is recommended. Start your training now for as little as $10.

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