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15 Oct 2016

Motivation Through NLP


Motivation Through NLPNothing worthwhile in this world is achieved without motivation. Some of us are strongly motivated while others are just drifting away in life. Again, there are people who have been   motivated right from their childhood whereas others got motivated at a much later stage. So whatever category you may belong to, if you are not motivated as yet towards anything, you just happen to exist but unable to live. In order to live rather than just surviving you must have a quality of liveliness that comes from positive motivation.

Now the question arises: how to be a motivated person? How to possess motivation in the right direction? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has got the answer. The science or art of NLP centers on a pivotal truth that the solution to man’s problems lies in a fundamental change in human mind and, ironically enough, it is the mind that is capable of effecting this change.

NLP aims at effecting behavioral change or increasing behavioral choice through the manipulation of personal state. This manipulation takes place either by carrying out a dialog with oneself or by allowing a professional NLP trainer to talk to us and work on us.

Everyone, whether normal or abnormal, young or old, a common man in the street or a great scientist, can be motivated with the help of NLP. In addition to being an instrument for motivating normal healthy people NLP can be used for individual psychotherapy. NLP teaches both individuals and groups how to fulfill their maximum potential and achieve great success. NLP involves a variety of communication and persuasion skills. Essentially, it uses self-hypnosis to motivate and change oneself. NLP motivates and enables you to transform all aspects of your life by bringing about a qualitative change in your relationships with both friends and foes. It adds to your sense of self-esteem that is indispensable for success in life.

Mechanism of NLP: The mechanism of NLP is self-talk. It is like having a dialog with oneself. This dialog is not some kind of soliloquy but a conscious monologue aimed at self-persuasion. This self-talk goes on when you are alone as much as when you are interacting with others. NLP helps you listen to others as well as listen to the stream of thoughts in your mind. It helps you consciously discard and filter out the negative strain in thought and suggest to yourself the positive antidote thought to counteract the effect of the negative thoughts. By carrying out a constant conscious talk with yourself you enlighten and illuminate the dark recesses of your mind. You are able to deal with and dispel the root cause of ignorance and move towards self-awareness and self-knowledge. This helps you have greater confidence in your actions, convictions and competencies.

Miracle of NLP: In order to derive full benefits of this phenomenon of self-talk it is important to carry out a set of positive thoughts in the right direction. A wrong set of thoughts can lead you in a totally different direction bringing disastrous consequences. Ask yourself consciously what is holding you back from accomplishing what you want to accomplish in life. What are your stumbling blocks? Through practicing self-talk over a period of time you would be able to analyze and diagnose your psychological malady. You would discover that the time has come to believe in yourself in spite of all your shortcomings. This realization would convert your weaknesses in to strengths by constantly repeating the positive thoughts affirming your positive qualities and competencies. In the end it will all leave you an enlightened being who is at perfect peace with himself as well as others and can live in this world sanely without any conflicts.

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