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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - Aristotle
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9 May 2017

NLP And Health


Clients-Are-EverywherreNeuro linguistic Programming (or NLP in brief) teaches that by changing your negative thinking into positive can have a good influence on your health. The aim of this article is to give you as much information as possible to achieve that.

A basic premise is that if you control your words, you have control over your problems. Using words accurately is what NLP teaches. If you can teach your brain to think, and it can be taught, in sound ways and behavior, then this produces good effects on your body and heals your emotions.

As you may have heard, 90% of sicknesses originate in the mind. To put you on your way to good health, NLP examines all the words you use while talking about your health and its problems. Your NLP Coach then, by observing your facial expressions, and body changes, finds negatives in the way you see things, the coach will aim to get to the root of the problem. He or she assists you to change your thinking pattern and get rid of any per-conceived ideas.

NLP assists you to learn positive thinking, and thought patterns that bring about all around wellness. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” says a well known proverb. So, focus to change your mindset towards your health problem and help yourself to gird up or boost the inner man or woman in you, see the uniqueness in yourself and the body will begin its natural healing process. Alter the mind and help the body, that’s the message for you and me!

We all are unique, and possess unique traits and strengths which we never know existed and which when called upon in times of need will come forth to help us in our health need. So never give up, never lose hope, there are innumerable examples of which you know and have read of, of men and woman rising above severe difficulties to shine! So allow your own inner self to determine your goal and eventual aim.

NLP has proven successful in the areas of sport, the educational field, selling, business and many more, so it will do well for your health too! Remember we all possess inner resources which are waiting to be tapped and brought out into the light, so that every aspect of one’s living can be improved. How you see or perceive the world shows your level of competence.

It’s like this, all of us have role model, be they film stars, sports stars, famous speakers and so on .They have achieved success and prominence in their fields. They also have reasonably good health and radiant personalities. They have got to where they are by a strong “belief” system. They have believed in high goals and desires that have been seen bearing fruit in their lives. You and I can also look up and imitate their lives by following their beliefs and patterns of behavior and so rise up to their levels of success. And follow, imitate and aim to re-produce fully their success patters and enjoy the benefits of NLP!!


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