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6 Jul 2017

NLP For Business Success


NLP For Business SuccessIn today’s competitive business environment, we need training to meet the demands of cutthroat rivalry; to stay alive and succeed. NLP gives us this training. The following are its methodology.

As NLP is an ongoing process and never stops, it keeps looking out for what succeeds. It never recognizes failure; it chooses to call it feedback! This is not positive thinking but it asks you to change what your work style or methods are, until you get the result you desire. Then keep a check on the results you are getting even if they are producing fruit. Sometimes things, procedures are going well and we get rigid and do not want to change a winning method in spite of technical advances or better approaches. If a shorter way developed, we still want to stick with the tried and trusted. This should not be so.

Next, systematize your work and your business. Look at the results of your actions. For example, if a company goes through a difficult phase and reduces its workers, how will this move react on the business on the long run? You have lost good star workers and lowered the morale of the others, what will be the result when business is booming again? NLP teaches you to look for various ways to deal with the problem, examine all options, study all repercussions, and see what will be the result of your actions. Therefore, look for many and various ways to solve the problem.

NLP also trains you to sell effectively. Are you a good rapport builder? It will teach through its methods, to develop rapport fast and thereby do sales, how to meet the customer at his point of need and how to recognize his need. Also finding out why the buyer buys and what is his plan for buying. NLP will teach you to sell in such a way that the customer is fully satisfied with the sale and is eager to recommend you to others. NLP promotes these ways of correctly “hearing out” your customers. Firstly, regard your customer highly, and hear what he or she has to say. Look for the true message he is conveying and give him adequate time to speak. Control any impulse to think out your reply before he or she is finished. Respect his or her views by carefully hearing and repeat their words and objections, giving them the understanding that you have heard him or her out fully.

Since everything in business starts with a personal need to buy something, that person’s choice will depend on how effectively you, your company, and product meet that need. NLP gives great importance to excellent communication since people communicate to start the sale process. To be effective yourself, get rid of any blocks and hindrances you see in yourself and your sphere of influence will be greater, as you yourself are more changed and refined. Now the changed you can be more confident, self motivated and with clearer cut goals in mind. Now you will understand clearer the wants of your client, develop a greater nearness to him, thereby “keeping” him for lasting and lengthier periods.

Then you can learn the success methods of excellent employees and impart those methods and tactics to others thereby copying, in a sense, success stories to your advantage. NLP also teaches you man-management in that you master the art of keeping your employees in perfect harmony so assisting the company accomplishes its goals and growth targets.


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