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30 Apr 2015

NLP Cures Anxiety in a Survivor of Child Abuse

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NLP Cures Anxiety1973. It is Christmas. I am eight. Bottom line: I am abused. My family consists of little parenting. My mother is barely older than I am and my father is sickly, a brittle juvenile diabetic in a medically challenged era. I am not their priority. I am, however, my abuser’s priority. My little existence sways between attempts to enjoy the promise of a magical holiday season and knowing my exposure to my abuser may intensify over the next few weeks. Sleepless nights spill over into sleepy days in school and my grades gravitate on the slippery slope. I pray, but somehow Jesus seems terribly busy with nativity scenes, eggnog binging parties, and cookie baking. I ponder; is this the season he is born or is this the season he is nailed to the cross? I have been told he makes a miraculous reappearance but what if I am wrong? Praying to him during his own emotional time seems a little selfish.

Who Is God to an eight year old girl?

I decide to write to Santa. In my culture he OWNS Christmas. He is the Lord of Green and Red. Santa, for all intents and purpose, is the God of second grade. Santa’s magic is unsurpassed. He flies. He fits his robust buttocks down chimneys and, with skillful intent, lands himself back on the roof. That is true power. He has a magical sleigh, talking reindeer, enchanting cherubic elves, and leagues of happy smiling children. His best friend is Rudolph who, to me, is the real hero! He rescues the Misfit toys, gets the girl and kicks the ass of that beast in the cave. (No exaggeration, my abuser does resemble the Abominable Snow monster). I am convinced Santa or Rudolph will recognize my resemblance to the Misfit toys, complete with a broken heart and an endangered spirit, and they won’t be able to resist my plea.

My original attempts to formulate a solid wish, repeatedly fail. I choose and write down several inferior ideas which end up crumpled in the trash can. My discouragement lasts only a few days until I sit down to watch my favorite Saturday morning cartoon, Super friends, and my wish miraculously appears. As Aquaman, Flash, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman dance across the screen solving the world’s drama, my plan materializes. Hm-mm… Superheros bend steal, conform into animals, conjure storms, sprint to India in three minutes or less, fly, read minds, breathe underwater, and become invisible. With Superpowers I could disappear at will, be strong enough to protect myself, and still have enough stamina to keep my little brother safe as well!

The letter was perfect, to the point:

Dear Santa, I know you are busy so I will make it short. I DO NOT WANT TOYS for Christmas. I would like a few superpowers, including invisibility. Thank you sooo much!!!

Your Friend, Amy Lynn xoxo

NLP Practitioner becomes a Super friend, complete with Superpowers

2008. It is September. I recently abandoned my 22 year career as a Trauma Specialist to study Holistic Medicine. The health care system is a mess and my contribution to the negativity has become overwhelming. Embarrassingly, I know, I am better than what I am portraying. I need out.

Western medicine skeptics continue to question the efficacy of NLP and Hypnotherapy regardless of statistics of it’s obvious healing powers.

I’m in Burlington, Vermont for an intensive NLP and Hypnotherapy course given by Michael Bennett of Bennett Stellar University. I am attending, I tell myself, only for the purpose of research. Working with skeptical and closed minded colleagues has influenced my own cynical attitude toward Hypnosis. Inundated with the hype, I enter the classroom trepidatious. I have many secrets. Could a hypnotist easily pry them out of me? And am I capable of learning a magical skill I have only seen on YouTube?

Hypnosis is NOT mind control but a ticket into heightened awareness.

My fears and my skepticism are almost immediately replaced with belief and confidence in an effective therapy underutilized and under appreciated. Michael Bennett of Bennett Stellar University, with his gentle techniques, leads every one of us on our own path of self -discovery. I learn more about the mind and the subconscious in a few days than I had learned in years of college. Every day I am increasingly intrigued by the methods of NLP and volunteer to be the first person in the class to be hypnotized. Hypnotists battle their reputation for being mind controlling manipulators, possessing skills comparable to a mythological wizard. I am certain if this were true I would have been beating down the doors of the trainers begging for entrance into their cultist ways simply to convince Clive Owen to marry me! Unfortunately, the playful reputation is false.

Disappointing as it was, hypnosis did not make me reveal any secrets I did not offer willingly, and gave me and my classmates a collective heightened awareness. It was peaceful and comforting, grounding and centering, akin to meditation.

One of my classmates braved exposure, wrestling her weight issues in front of the class. During this very emotional session the NLP practitioner used a technique which revealed a struggling and sad child within her and she was able to offer the much needed comfort to the accessed part. I was moved. I was inspired. I wanted to tackle my own demons. Two days later I volunteer for the Time Line Regression. I’m terrified and it feels like I can’t breathe. My throat is closing off because I’m so anxious. I’m shaking uncontrollably when I step in front of the class. My practitioner is Michael Bennett, Superhero.

Our classroom, influenced and prepared by Michael, has become a safe environment, rich with like minded and eager participants. I knew my life was about to change dramatically. I was unprepared for how profoundly it would effect and heal my classmates, as well. My experience became OUR experience and the bond, I am certain, is life lasting.

Arming oneself with healing obtained in the future, one can return to the point of trauma and profoundly change history…Time travel is also a Superpower.

The walls fade away. It’s 1972. I see myself crouched behind the sink, shaking, frightened, and hyperventilating. I am confused, shameful, and my throat is closed off with anxiety. The 2008 me is rubbing my throat and crying but the practitioner stands by with confidence. He’s not convinced this is where my problem started and walks me back farther to the moment I am first molested. My abuser has me by the throat. I’m choking in 1972 and in 2008. Michael steps me out, regroups, and arms me with tools to take back, not only to the 1972 me, but also to heal my abuser. The process is phenomenal. I do not know how long the session lasted, but I know the powerful effects of changing one poignant moment in my history will last a lifetime.

I slept soundly that night and when I awoke, the pressure I had always felt in my throat was gone and a vivid memory flooded into my awareness: Sitting beneath the Christmas tree in 1973 looking for my gift box with my magic cape and mask. I had finally found it. It took a few years, but Santa never forgot.
I’m wearing it right now.

NLP changes lives instantaneously…there is a happy ending.

NLP does not deal with the “why” but commits to healing the “how”. Once the “how” is tackled, the subconscious can influence the conscious mind to make a better choice. I had spent years in and out of traditional psychotherapists’ offices and the “why” only made my anxiety, procrastination and self-esteem issues worse. I do not blame the therapists; it was the inferior techniques. Fighting illogic with logic is in congruent to forming an effective and permanent resolve. It’s like trying to slay a real dragon with a toy sword; the Dragon just gets pissed off.

I am now an NLP practitioner, Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. My studies in holistic medicine continue but now my practice includes very effective Superpowers given to me by my time traveling Super friend, Michael Bennett of Bennett Stellar University (and Santa!). I will proudly wear my cape with each client and fearlessly hold their hand as I walk them back through time to transform their own scary demons. Healing is so much fun with NLP. Wanna try?

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