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5 Jan 2017

Self Improvement Through NLP


Self Improvement Through NLPWe all strive for self-improvement no matter what the walk of life we come from. The moment you cease to grow professionally or psychologically you become a vegetable. Gone are the days when people blindly believed and accepted anything. New Age Gurus offer numerous means of self-improvement. NLP has emerged as the most popular as well as effective means through which to improve oneself not only professionally but also holistically as an excellent human being.

Today hundreds of NLP self-help techniques are available to program our minds, which yields amazing results in self-improvement. While some aim to dissolve deep-rooted phobias and traumas, others are designed to help free oneself from negative counter-productive habits. In fact, it is these crystallized negative habits and fears that are obstacles in self-improvement. Once you set yourself free from these mental blocks a tremendous amount of energy would be unleashed and flood you with profound self-confidence and self-esteem. This would metamorphose you into a model human being capable of becoming another Bill Gates or Mahatma Gandhi.

You can practice one NLP experiment and see the wonders it does for you. Like most people, you too may have a role model. Think of your role model and conjure up a vision. Recall some wonderful accomplishments that inspired you most. Let the whole drama unfold before your closed eyes scene by scene and relive those moments. Let the thrill of your role model’s actions permeate your entire being. Now enter into the persona of your role model and lose your own identity. It implies that you give up your character and exude the confidence and radiance of your role model. Remind yourself that if he or she could do it so can you, take a vow to emulate him or her. Charged with that energy now resolve with full determination to move forward in your life. Tell yourself you are be reincarnated into a new being full of self-esteem and confidence destined to accomplish something great that you have dreamed.

Take a few long breaths and slowly come out of your trance. Give a pat on your back. Congratulate yourself on this new self-discovery and begin a new life all over again.

As a basic principle of NLP all our thoughts, perceptions and actions are guided by three NLP representational systems that are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Before you proceed to work on yourself for self-improvement through NLP, determine your predominant NLP representational system. As a typical visual person you would tend to recall situations or build images in your mind. As an auditory personality, you would evaluate things on the basis of how they sound and make your decisions accordingly. Similarly, as a kinesthetic character your actions are dominated by what you feel at various times. Remember no human being exclusively belongs to one particular group at all times and can be guided by the dynamics of all these three.

However, identifying your predominant system helps you practice NLP effectively for self-improvement. Based on your own NLP model you can make necessary changes in the above experiment. For instance, if you are predominantly auditory type then concentrate more on the spoken words of your role model and the overwhelming effect on you. Similarly, if you belong to kinesthetic type then focus more on the physical action and gestures of your role model on a particular occasion that inspired you.

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