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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - Aristotle
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4 Nov 2015

The 3 Methods of Coaching – Strengths & Weaknesses


The Human Equation:

Spiritual Being + Mammalian Neurology + Logic = Human Being

Each methodology specializes in one of the elements in the human equation – or the three aspects of the human Mind.

  • Spiritual Being = Higher Conscious Mind
  • Mammalian Neurology = The Unconscious Mind
  • Logic = The Conscious Mind

What makes this important? “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is”. We have three aspects to our mind, and each needs to be addressed and in-alignment to achieve our goals and dreams.

The Life Transformation Coach program educates you in all three methodologies of coaching in use today.

Addressing the Conscious Mind

Conscious Mind - methods of coaching - business and life coachingA Life Coach is a specialist at business and life success strategies. Common life coaches work with their clients through their conscious mind or awareness. The Conscious Mind is the everyday mind. Its tools are reason and logic, and its qualities are analysis and alertness. It is with this aspect of your mind that you are reading and comprehending the words on this page. It is the source of your logical processing. You choose what you want and how you will accomplish it with this part of your mind.

Typical life coaching techniques include strategic planning, goal setting, and follow-up. If all the client needs is a plan of action or knowledge of what to do, life coaching sessions can result in success. Where common Life Coaches fail their clients is they do not address the subconscious programming or use of energy which is at the heart of most of their clients’ failures. Ironically, many life coaches have been discouraged from learning these highly critical skills to success.

When your will is in conflict with your imagination, your imagination will always win.
Addressing the Unconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind - methods of coaching - business and life coachingHigher-end Coaches such as Tony Robbins and most other prominent coaches, authors, and speakers are NLP trained. They, as well as Hypnotherapists that have expanded into the realm of coaching, address the element of our neurology. These professionals are specially trained in removing subconsciously programmed limitations, changing behaviors, and healing the root causes of self-sabotage and poor self-image – An Unconscious Mind Approach.

The Unconscious Mind is usually the culprit behind self- sabotage,  because this is where deeply-held, negative beliefs reside. These beliefs often compete with our conscious desires and create a misalignment. Because the subconscious mind drives our automatic behavior, it causes us to keep living the story we’ve already written rather than the story we really want to play out. These beliefs aren’t immediately accessible via the Conscious Mind. We must use specialized techniques to reach this part of our mind, which is completely possible and necessary for change.

A Hypnotherapist is a charismatic master of the use of persuasive language and emotional/behavioral change. As a Life Coach, you will be infinitely more effective knowing and using the hypnotherapist’s ability to influence physical and behavioral change.

Those who either doubt or fear the power of hypnosis, can relax as hypnosis is the same brain-wave state that is achieved through meditation. Also there is no need to formally hypnotize someone to change unconscious programming. There are conversational hypnotic techniques which are powerful in any state of awareness. If you don’t believe me just turn on your television.

A Practitioner of NLP is a master of communication—both internal and external—and an expert in human programming and the removal of limitations that impede success. As a Hypnotherapist or Life Coach, this is a must-have skill set to achieve the results you seek.

Where the NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist could benefit their clients more is being skilled in traditional life coaching techniques of strategic planning to help their clients achieve bigger aspirations – thus creating more of a long-term relationship with him or her. They are also not usually skilled at taking advantage of the universal power source of which all things are made, which is referred to as energy.

Addressing the Higher Conscious Mind

Higher Conscious Mind - methods of coaching - business and life coachingPopular Coaches and Energy Healers address the spiritual element within us through the knowledge and use of energy and “The Universal Law of Attraction” – A Higher Conscious  (Super Conscious) Mind Approach.

The Higher Conscious Mind is the creative spirit within us that connects  us to the greater whole. This is our connection to the Divine, to the Unknown, and to Infinite Intelligence. This is where inspiration, innovative ideas, and intuitive solutions arise, as well as where our spiritually-given gifts originate.

We are all connected through our Higher Conscious Minds. This is where deeply-held beliefs from the Subconscious Mind manifest themselves, and where the Law of Attraction takes its cues. The Higher Conscious Mind is the delivery mechanism for everything in the universe.

A Reiki Healer wields the life force energy and is a master of healing and manifestation. As a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist or NLP Coach, you will benefit from the power and influence this energy infuses within you. In the words of the renowned Jedi Masters and Knights: “May the force be with you.”

Law of Attraction Coaches and Healers traditionally lack the ability, however, of co-creating the actionable steps which truly need to be taken by their clients to succeed. Most are not skilled at removing the subconsciously held beliefs and emotional limitations that prohibit the energy from ecologically being able to grant the wishes of their clients – The Universe or God is not codependent. “God helps those who help themselves.”


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