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11 Nov 2015

The Many Uses of Reiki


Reiki: Its Many Uses

Reiki: Its Many UsesReiki and Health

Usui Reiki (RAY Kee) is a hands-on healing art. It is the transference of the universal life energy (Ki or light energy) through an attuned Reiki practitioner to a person needing to regain health or well being. Reiki brings balance to the human system, clears un-healthful emotions, and restores the natural flow of energy that is essential to health and healing. A practitioner attuned to the Reiki becomes a vessel through which this energy flows.

There are many uses for this energy. The Universal Energy is by nature generic, and is awaiting us to give it direction and purpose. While this divine source is plentiful and all around us, a Reiki Practitioner once attuned is more open to its presence, its influences, and its use.

Woman-Feeling-FreeReiki & Personal Growth

Giving and receiving Reiki through the Usui System of Reiki Healing stimulates a process that brings a clearer sense of self, deepening self love, and a growing awareness of one’s true self.

Emotional pain is carried by many people in their unconscious. As human beings, we satisfy our physical needs and desires first. This is a survival mechanism. As these physical needs are resolved, emotional well being emerges as the next priority. Out of the unconscious arises the pain of living in an insecure environment. As we become more aware of this pain and, in time, the causes of the pain, we are able to make different decisions and remove ourselves from repetitive situations that threaten our emotional life.

Self-treatment is the foundation practice of the Usui System. In the simple act of touching one’s body with the awareness of the Reiki energy flowing, the places of emotional pain are touched, highlighted. For those students who have been acquiring skill in self evaluation and awareness, the process of personal growth is intensified. For those who are faced with pain uncovered for the first time, the process of personal growth is initiated. This initiation into self awareness is often accompanied by memories, confusion, and fear. The practice of the Usui System calls for continued self-treatment as well as treatment from others.

Healing on this level, once in motion, has its own timing. It cannot be rushed and there are no shortcuts. The practitioner is supported by trusting the practice and seeking the support of like-minded people.

Sandra in Sun Reiki: Its Many UsesReiki & Spiritual Growth

Another aspect inherent in the practice of Reiki is the awakening of a spiritual practice, an ever-deepening of one’s spirituality. We develop a growing sense of ourselves in relationship to All That Is. We experience spiritual purification, a burning away of all that prevents our knowing All That Is. We become aware of the sacred in all aspects of our lives. Students recognize the Usui Reiki System as a valid and whole spiritual discipline when they reach a certain level of maturity with their own practice. Experience with the System has revealed that the practice itself leads to spiritual development.

“Spiritual” is discussed here in the sense that, as human beings, we have a soul, a spirit. In living a spiritual life, we acknowledge our relationship with spirit and its presence in all things. As we become more acquainted with the nuances and qualities of spirit, spirit takes on substance. The consciousness of living this spiritual life emerges as a result of the practice of the Usui System. The contact to spirit is increased by the ritual of initiation and the acts of self treatment and treatment of others.

Through the practice of the Usui Reiki System, humans no longer need to accept spirit as intangible and non-physical. This practice brings the experience of spirit into the physical world and into our essential human-ness.

coach-by-computerReiki and Career

A Reiki practitioner must be attuned to the Ki energy by a Reiki Master. The attunement process involves training in the history and proper use of Reiki, along with a traditional ceremony conducted by the Reiki Master to pass on the Ki energy to their deserving student. This attunement has been associated with the transference of the Holy Spirit by Jesus to his disciples, when he gave them the ability to heal the sick. John 20: 21 and 22, “Again Jesus said, Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” And with that he breathed on them and said, Receive the Holy Spirit.

There are three levels of Reiki attunements: Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master. Reiki 1 and 2 are practitioner levels and Reiki Master is an instructor level. The Reiki Master is intrusted with the passing on and upholding the Reiki lineage.

Cat Reiki Reiki: Its Many UsesReiki Healing For Pets

Reiki is a form of treatment that consists of the laying on of hands in a specific sequence and position. Treatments are the foundation of the practice. Reiki is totally positive and can never cause harm to any living thing, whatever condition or status. If any animal is in pain or in emotional distress, Reiki helps. The hand positions used balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and balance all the chakras and the energy field. The treatment also clears and increases the flow of life force energy.

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