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8 Sep 2015

What is Time Line Therapy?


What is Time Line Therapy?

trauma_time“Reevaluating past judgments aligns body with mind – and mind with spirit – creating new reality. This atonement returns us to a more natural state of greater health, happiness, and peace.” –Bennett/Stellar University chief instructor and founder, Michael Bennett

Time Line Therapy® is a highly regenerative process that allows us to gain control over our lives quickly and painlessly.

Destructive emotional reactions such as bursts of anger, periods of depression and other uncomfortable and un-resourceful emotions are primarily responsible for preventing people from achieving the quality of life they want. Limiting decisions like “I am not good enough” or “I’ll never make it” creates false limitations that hinder our ability to obtain reachable goals.

A Branch of NLP Included in DreamSculpting®

A branch of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ techniques enable us to clear all these un-resourceful emotions quickly and effectively. As the name implies, Time Line Therapy® works with the process our minds use to maintain the concept of time. NLP refers to this process as our neurological time line. Recognizing and knowing how to work effectively with our timelines allows us to clear up current perceived limitations that originated in our past and manifest our desired present and literally create our futures.

Improvements Made

IMPORTANT NOTE: The process of Time Line Therapy® has been approved upon with the addition of another powerful healing process called re-imprinting. This addition substantially increases the effectiveness of this technique and makes it more suitable for the life coach. This updated version is referred to as TimeLine Coaching™. There is an similarly updated process for the hypnotherapist as well.

Michael Bennett is a master practitioner and trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy, licensed and certified through the Society of NLP. He operates a school for teaching these disciplines to health professionals and persons interested in improving the quality of their lives.

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