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1 May 2015

What’s In Your Treasure Chest?

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What's In Your Treasure ChestA man dies and finds himself at the gates of Heaven. An Angel approaches him and tells him that she is his guardian Angel and is there to give him a Grand Tour of the Kingdom of Heaven. After hours of experiencing the beauty and majesty of Heaven, he noticed one door that he had not seen.

He asked the Angel, “What’s behind that door?”

The Angel replied, “Oh…you don’t want to see what’s behind there.”

The man answered, “Yes I do…please show me what’s behind that door.”

The Angel hesitantly answered, “Ok…but I warned you.”

The Angel removed a key from her white gown and unlocked the door. The man turned the knob and entered to find a vast room filled with treasure chests. Large ones… Small ones… Square ones….Round ones.

The man asked the Angel, “What are all of these chests?”

The Angel answered, “Well…everyone who comes to heaven has a chest of theirs that we keep in this room.”

The man asked, “Do I have a Treasure Chest?”

The Angel answered, “Yes…you do.”

“Can I see what’s in my chest,?” the man asked.

“Oh…,” the Angel hesitantly replied, “You don’t want to see your chest.”

“Oh yes I do,” the man demanded, “Please show me my chest.”

So, the Angel led the man through what seemed like miles and miles of Treasure Chests until they came to one that measured nine feet long by six feet wide and twelve feet high.

“My God,” the man exclaimed, “It’s enormous. What inside?”

“Oh…” the Angel warned, “You do not want to see what is inside.”

“Yes I do,” The man exclaimed, “Show me what’s inside.”

The Angel hands the man a key. The man takes the key and finds a ladder leaned up against the treasure chest. He climbs the ladder and inserts the key in a keyhole at the top. As he turned the key, something clicked inside and the great door of his chest lifted up. The man looked inside to find thousands and thousands of pieces of paper that seemed like written lists of some kind.

“What is all this?” the man asked the Angel.

The Angel sighed and answered, “These are all the things you could have had when you were alive…if only you had asked.”


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