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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - Aristotle
Achieve your goals and dreams
6 Sep 2016

Why We Fail To Achieve Our Goals And Dreams


DreamSculpting - Believe - Why you fail - achieve your goals and dreams - dreamscultping - dream sculptingThe reason why people fail to achieve their aspirations is that the three aspects of mind are not aligned and/or are not being effectively utilized.

These aspects are The Conscious Mind, The Subconscious Mind, and The Higher-Conscious Mind. Each of these aspects play individual roles within our lives. If not aligned toward a single purpose, one can interfere with the other and prevent. . .

  • Developing a plan of action
  • Being motivated and taking action toward our goals
  • The “Law of Attraction” from working its magic
  • And much much more
The Conscious, Subconscious, and Higher Conscious Minds are different; each has a purpose and each has its unique strengths. Let's explore each aspect and how DreamSculpting® addresses them toward the achievement of our goals.


Why you fail - achieve your goals and dreams - dreamscultping - dream sculptingThe first of our three minds is the Conscious Mind. This is the everyday mind, the personality, and the ego identity. The tools of the Conscious Mind are reason and logic, and its qualities are analysis and alertness.

It is with this aspect of your mind that you are reading and comprehending the words on this page. You’re aware of them, just as you’re aware of the sounds in the background and the light from the computer screen.

It is the source of your logical processing. You choose what you want and how you will accomplish it with this part of your mind.

When people fail to use this part of the mind effectively toward the achievement of their dreams. . .

  • They don’t make a specific plan of action to achieve goals.
  • They don’t know specifically what they want or consider the possible ramifications should they achieve it.
  • They simply don’t learn how to accomplish their goals and procrastinate because they are unsure of what actions to take.
  • They only focus their thoughts on challenges or what they feel they are not able to do.
  • They don’t think they are creative enough or remain in the dark with finding ways around those challenges.

DreamSculpting® addresses these with. . .

The Dream Designer™: I am sure you have heard the saying, “Be careful for what you wish for, because you just might get it.” This process removes the risks of wishing and guides you into formulating your goals in a balanced and healthy way. Using this process, your wishes still come true, except they are truly your wishes – balanced, healthy, and ecological for happiness in all important areas of your life.

Reverse Imagineering™: Once a product has been successfully produced, an engineer can take it apart and duplicate it through a process called reverse engineering. In this portion of DreamSculpting®, you will learn and use a similar process to sculpt a plan of action to achieve your dreams. You will also learn a powerful process to affect and take charge of your goal’s implementation. By installing your desired end result and your chosen path of action for future achievement, this technique is as close to a guarantee of success as you can get.

Ultimate Creativity™: Maybe no one is considered as creative as the founder of the Disney Corporation, Walt Disney. In this portion of DreamSculpting®, you will learn and use the mental strategy of this most creative individual for the development of your dreams and goals. You will sculpt your dreams and overcome challenges that could have prevented you from their accomplishment. These timeless techniques are still in use by Disney Corporation management, staff, and artists.

Mentor Modeling™: Imagine being able to tap into the talents and genius of the most successful and powerful people in the world — past and present. With this DreamSculpting® technique and your imagination, you can and will apply their genius in the development and accomplishment of your dreams.


Subconscious mind - Why you fail - achieve your goals and dreams - dreamscultping - dream sculptingThe second of our three minds is the Subconscious Mind. This mind has a greater natural ability to process energy and information, and is the key and doorway to our inner knowledge and intuition.

The Subconscious Mind, unlike the Conscious Mind, is not bound by the limits of linear perception. Great leaps of intuition can be made here. You can also process large amounts of information that you would not logically possess because this mind is open to the information available in the Universe. This part of the mind is also the domain of the emotions.

It is the source of the fear you feel when walking alone in the dark. It is why certain smells bring up pleasant memories, and it stores how you truly feel about yourself and your general self image. This is where our deepest beliefs are installed.

The Subconscious Mind is usually the culprit behind self-sabotage,  because this is where deeply-held, negative beliefs reside. These beliefs often compete with our conscious desires and create a misalignment.

Because the subconscious mind drives our automatic behavior, it causes us to keep living the story we’ve already written rather than the story we really want to play out. These beliefs aren’t immediately accessible via the Conscious Mind. We must use specialized techniques to reach this part of our mind, which is completely possible and necessary for change.

When people fail to effectively use this part of the mind toward the achievement of their dreams. . .

  • They are subconsciously divided and are not congruent in mind, body, and soul.
  • They have unconscious programs in their mind that generate emotions and behaviors that prevent goal achievement.
  • They do not know that a balance of achievement in all areas of life is the way to true happiness.
  • They are so focused on the part of life they feel is lacking and do not know that the true cause of their struggles resides in another area of their life. Furthermore, they do not see the relevance of how one area of life influences the others. Example: A person wants to lose weight, but every time they get close to their goals, a family member or friend becomes jealous. This conflict sabotages their efforts, and the person often regains the weight.

DreamSculpting® addresses these with. . .

Neuro-Natural Wholeness™: Establish a true sense of integrity. Be congruent in all levels of your being. Learn how to integrate and remove internal conflicts as well as access trapped emotional resources with this powerful and unique proprietary process.

The Limitation Destroyer™: Do you think: “Seeing is believing?” Actually, the truth is, “Believing is seeing!” Almost all limitations are due to our beliefs about self and life in general. Changing these beliefs makes a huge difference in what we accomplish in life. This process will change your limiting beliefs and remove limitations.  Don’t believe it? Participate in this process and you will!.

TimeLine Coaching™ And Trauma Release: Learn how our minds maintain the concept of time, and how to use these unconscious time lines to safely and comfortably travel backward and/or forward in time to clear up undesired present circumstances and create any desired future. With TimeLine Coaching™, your greatest limitations and sources of emotional pain will be removed.


Higher conscious mind - Why you fail - achieve your goals and dreams - dreamscultping - dream sculptingThe final of the three minds is the Higher Conscious Mind. This aspect of our mind is the creative spirit within us that connects us to the greater whole. Our personal Higher Conscious Mind is the level of Super Consciousness called the Higher Self.

This is our connection to the Divine, to the Unknown, and to Infinite Intelligence. This is where inspiration, innovative ideas, and intuitive solutions arise, as well as where our spiritually-given gifts originate.

We are all connected through our Higher Conscious Minds. This is where deeply-held beliefs from the Subconscious Mind manifest themselves, and where the Law of Attraction takes its cues. The Higher Conscious Mind is the delivery mechanism for everything in the universe.

People fail to effectively take advantage of this part of the mind to achieve their dreams when. . .

  • They are unaware that the Higher Conscious Mind receives its guidance from the Subconscious Mind. Thus, what we believe deep within us – or in the back of our minds – is what the Higher Conscious sends to us.
  • They are unaware of the importance their personal environment has on their subconscious thoughts as well as the power their subconscious thoughts have on their achievement – or lack thereof – toward achieving their goals.
  • They are unaware that the Higher Conscious Mind has the power, and is able – and willing – to provide the resources, the people, and the opportunities needed to manifest anything they desire. They simply need to ask. The only catch: There is a special way to do this.

DreamSculpting® addresses these with. . .

Environ-Mental Positioning: Harmonize internal with external. Guide your clients with Environ-Mental Positioning to utilize their environs to support goal achievement. By using principles found in Feng Shui, the Ancient Art of Placement, clients can truly integrate their mind, goals, and home.

Higher-Self Integration and Activation Process: The Higher Conscious will manifest anything we desire. It simply has to be asked. This process uses the secrets of the ancient masters and philosophies to communicate directly with the Higher Conscious Mind. With its roots in Hawaiian Huna and the energetic art of Reiki, blended with Neuro-Linguistics, and steeped in The Law of Attraction, the Higher-Self Integration Process is the means to harness your Spirit to achieve tangible results.

Achieve your goals and dreams

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